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Praise, love and breakthroughs

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TanyaEntertainment, LA

I love my constantly gushing pussy and I love love love having sex and or self-pleasuring daily... yes yes and yes!

I experienced an instant change in my outward energy and how men were responding to me.

After 7 years of being single, NO dating, no physical contact with men period (previously married and have an 8 year old), a man who I have known and been attracted to for a long time, but never would have imagined wanted me in return, expressed a desire to be with me. We’ve been having an extremely fulfilling relationship for almost a year and having the most wonderful communication and incredible sex. 

I had experienced sexual abuse as a child and as result had some healing to do with my relationships to men and sex… and while I’ve been committed to an evolving spiritual practice for many many years…your work has been the key to transform that particular area of my life and I am so grateful 🙂

The application of this work has changed everything… I’m simply more alive and present in every are of life and more confident and accepting of myself exactly as I am… and truly feel the same of others… this shows up in all of my relationships, work etc.  

I’m in the best shape of my life. It’s fun getting “carded” at 40 😉

Kim’s work is The Holy Grail for women.