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ZoeHealth and Wellness, San Francisco

I can easily articulate all areas of my vagina.

Not only have I gained strength, but I am also able to consciously relax.

When I first started the egg practice I became aware of very tight rings of muscle just inside that were pretty sensitive. I worked it out, and it is no longer there at all! I was often dry in the second half of my cycle and had to warm up a lot to get the egg (or my partner’s cock) in and loosen up and now this is never an issue. I am wet now throughout my cycle.

I also couldn’t articulate my vagina at all and was clenching the entire area! And all have gained strength—the entrance used to hurt and now it doesn’t, the upper area used to feel so quiet and weak and now is much more clear and feels neurologically connected.

My mom told me when I was having chronic yeast infections 10 years ago that noticing my vagina at all means something is wrong. Like the only way to connect with my vagina outside of sex is through pain or discomfort. Now I notice my vagina throughout the day and it gives me pleasure! As I listen to my vagina’s voice, it simply reminds me to do the things that will make me feel well, and take my time more and ask for what I want during sex.

As for my sexuality, I feel more connected to safety. I spent many years cutting off my sexuality for safety because I didn’t believe the world is safe for me as a sensual woman or that I’d be respected or successful. Then when it came time to turn it back on (for connecting with my partner—not usually just for myself), it took a long time to wake up and I’d get impatient. Now I am staying in the flow of my sexuality more throughout the day!

I am on a physical healing journey, and throughout the salon I discovered a way forward, lots more quality free information, and some financial support to get me to the next step!

My relationship of 5.5 years is blossoming in a beautiful way. I attribute this to resting more into my feminine so he be comfortable in his masculine. We don’t clash as much anymore. He has been expressing deep love for me and being supportive in more helpful ways without me even asking. And he has starting talking more seriously about kids (which he knows I’ve always wanted but he had only flirted with the idea previously).

I loved all the information and practices as well as the opportunity for questions and listening to the calls. I appreciated the journal prompts to more deeply explore what underlies the topics we are exploring.

Most of all, I really appreciate the depth underlying everything—the acknowledgement of the deeper spiritual and emotional pieces behind the practices.