Sex Cleanse ~ Day 2!

How long can you make it last? How good can you take it?

What’s it like to live in a perpetual state of bliss? 

Slowing down and prolonging your foreplay not only primes you for marathon sex and the deeper orgasmic experiences, but afterwards you feel even higher, more ecstatic, transformed and like you’ve been reborn.

If you’ve been sexually stagnant, I’ve got an array of exercises and principles to incorporate into your life to get your simmer going.

The best part is that you probably had no idea these things are foreplay. 

Don’t worry, it’s not all talk and no play 😉

Tomorrow we start the series of enlightened sex acts, but today we’re still building your foundation.



– Listen to my podcast episode 9 Unusual Foreplay Techniques for Epic Sex and Orgasms.

– If you’re feeling open sexually, try some of the physical exercises mentioned in the episode and be mindful of the other recommendations moving forward to create a sexual simmer throughout the day.

If you’re not in a place yet of being open to sex, let these ideas marinate, focus on the discussion prompts below and explore prolonged eye-gazing.

Prolonged eye-gazing involves sitting or lying across from each other, deciding on a length of time (anywhere from 1 minute upward), setting a timer, and placing a gentle focus on each other’s eyes for that time period. Remain silent and remember to breathe deeply for the duration of the eye-gaze.


Discussion prompts:

– Can you see how these “techniques” mentioned in the podcast episode will help to open each of you sexually, inside and out of the bedroom?

– What do you think about the concept of radical honesty? Is honesty an explicit policy of your relationship? 

– How often are you taking the time to connect and communicate with each other?