Sex Cleanse ~ Day 4!

Master the art of a life-changing and ecstatic lingam massage. 

One of the best ways to show your man love is to show his cock love.

The cock is the extension of the man.

When you love it, you are loving the essence of him.

You help him to fully occupy his erection, his masculinity and himself.

The result?

– More pleasure and sensation for him / you

– Stronger erections and orgasms

– Feeling more consciously connected to his sexuality and to you

– Helping to heal any sexual trauma and resulting disconnect

Not only that, lingam massage will help him build THE most important sexual skill there is.



Watch my Expert Penis/Lingam Massage tutorial video. 

– Women, spend a minimum of 20 minutes giving your man a thorough lingam massage with some warmed up coconut oil. Give loving, conscious and devoted attention and touch to every inch of his cock and infuse your intention into it. Notice whether this new approach arouses you.

– Men, it’s your turn to receive, NOT to come as quickly as possible. See if you can breathe deeply and extend your urge to ejaculate. 

This exercise might feel very different than you’re used to. While it will likely feel extremely pleasurable, it might also feel uncomfortable or vulnerable, just as yoni massage can be for women at first. If it brings up emotions for you, this is a good thing! Practice breathing deeply throughout anything that arises. More tips on this tomorrow.


Discussion prompts:

– Men: how did it feel to receive a lingam massage and not a hand job? How did it feel emotionally and physically? How did this affect your urge to ejaculate?

– Women: how did it feel to give your man a lingam massage? Did you feel more connected to the exercise? Did it arouse you? Did this feel different to you than the hand jobs or oral sex you’ve given to him in the past?