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Expert Penis/Lingam Massage

Master the art of a life-changing and ecstatic lingam massage. 

One of the best ways to show your man love is to show his cock love.

The cock is the extension of the man.

When you love it, you are loving the essence of him.

You help him to fully occupy his erection, his masculinity and himself.

Cock/lingam massage is a fantastic, pleasurable and deeply bonding way to do this.

The result?

– More pleasure and sensation

– Stronger erections and orgasms

– Feeling more consciously connected to his sexuality

– Help to heal any sexual trauma and resulting disconnect

Learn how to light up your partner’s lingam and then some in this week’s video.

Want to listen on the go? Download the audio podcast version on:

For this episode though, I highly recommend the video!


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12 thoughts on “Expert Penis/Lingam Massage

  1. Your frankly open, honest conversations, full of tips, enlightenment {& super keen touch of humor} are so full of energy and are simply fantastic/amazing! Thank you!

  2. Kim, you are amazing!
    My wife and I are struggling sexually and feeling connected. We found your work and instantly were drawn in. We have committed ourselves to work hard to be connected, sexually alive and satisfied. With your guidance and energy we can do it.
    Thank you!!!!

  3. This is important since I see so much talk about yoni massage and recliaming pleasure for women, but not enough for the lingams.

    So thank you for sharing Kim! 🙂

  4. Kim….My sexual mentor….thank you…

    I’ve been watching, reading and listening to you for many years…
    I’m a 57 years young Man with the libido of a 30 year old…so I’m told 🙂
    I practice and experience conscious Monogamy….WOW
    Keep up the good work…you are spreading genuine LOVE and keeping Men like me young and sexy.
    Gratitude and joy…Darren

  5. How do I start the conversation that this is what I want/need to do without him freaking out or being un-receiving? Thanks, I love everything about what you do btw.