Sex Cleanse ~ Day 7!

Now for the climax…

The 3-Hour Sex Date! 

3-Hour Sex Dates are a pillar of my professional—and personal—philosophy. 

Not dinner, a movie, or a walk in the park. Just sex.

I recommend couples schedule one of these every week. 

This becomes the sanctuary and re-fueling station in your relationship. It will nourish and rejuvenate you through your entire week.

It is non-negotiable. Set in stone. 

And now, it’s time for you to add it to your relationship repertoire.

Enjoy 😉


Listen to The 3-Hour Sex Date podcast episode to learn more about what it is, what the benefits are and why three hours.

If you haven’t already had one while you’ve been in the zone this week, have your first 3-hour sex date!

Look back at all of the tools and skills, emotional and physical, that you’ve learned over the past week and spend three hours exploring and playing with them or wherever else your bodies lead you.

I gave you minimum times for some of the exercises, so you can take these times and extend even longer if you like!

Discussion prompts:

– How did it feel to try your first 3-hour sex date?? Prior to this date, what was your longest sex date with your partner? How different do you feel after this experience? Do you feel more calm? Have more energy? Are you feeling more emotionally connected with your partner? Did anything arise that needs more time and attention? 

– How do you feel about scheduling a weekly 3-hour sex date moving forward?

– What are your favorite exercises you’ve tried this past week? And how would you like to incorporate them more into your relationship?

– Bonus question: A week from now, ask yourself how you feel after this past week of good-f**k medicine. As I say, this experience can refuel you and the ripple effects can be felt for a full week! Just in time for the next sex date. 🙂