“All women can have orgasmic births”

~ Kim Anami

You create your birth experience when you take conscious control over it.

All women deserve a natural, ecstatic, consciousness-altering, transformative, self-actualizing and blissful experience. Your pregnancy and birth can be this way.

Every woman can have an orgasmic birth & blissful motherhood.

Birth in the modern world has become a tragedy and major surgery to recover from, rather than the natural, blissful, initiating experience nature intended it to be.

We know how to do this—every cell in our bodies knows how to do this. We havee been doing it for millennia.

Do you believe your pregnancy and birth can be pleasurable, easy and orgasmic? It can.

Here’s the thing: The giant, missing piece in birth is sexuality. 

When you can open in bed, you can open in birth.

It is the place no one thinks to look.

In hospitals all over the world, women are having their innate knowing and power removed from them.

Childbirth used to be something that happened at home.

A midwife attended a woman and was there for more expert support, but the philosophy behind midwifery is really that the woman and her body know what to do.

She is there as needed to encourage and of course troubleshoot, but her roles is largely to give the woman a “wide berth” haha, and help her to come back to her own knowingness and faith in herself if she veers off track.

In other Western countries, an OBGYN only attends the birth if there is some foreseen risk.

More shocking numbers from the US:

C-sections are the most common major surgery in the US for 37 years running, followed closely by hysterectomies (what is this morbid obsession with cutting up women’s uteruses up?)

Many hospitals have an epidural rate of 85% or more and it’s estimated that overall 80% of women have epidurals in the US.

A 2006 study in the New England Journal of Medicine of 5000 low-risk women giving birth in large teaching hospitals reported that 40% of women were induced into labor and 70% received Pitocin at some point during labor

Contrary to what we’ve been told, birth is a sexual act.

It’s the culmination of what started the entire process.

It is the opening—or not—to this fact, that can make a birth utterly pleasurable or utterly painful.

The direction and directives of cultural and religious forces of the past few millennia have tried to paint birth as a “punishment” for women.

Rather than an actual orgasm.

Which it is.

Imagine trying to hold back the biggest, most pleasurable orgasm of your life?

What happens when you hold back love?

You experience pain.

You can change that though.

The entire process of birth is designed, from start to finish, to be an intricate, exquisite, biofeedback mechanism between mother and baby.

Everything is connected.

It’s like a row of dominoes. If you pull out one, you stop the chain of events. The more you pull out, the more disjointed and muddled the process becomes.

The innate intelligence that has been doing this for millennia, does not have the chance to do its job.

Are you holding yourself back from your body's innate wisdom?

Oxytocin is one of, if not THE, key hormone involved in the birthing process.

Oxytocin is produced in safe, loving environments.

We know that birth is this giant oxytocin ascent. For it to work the way it’s meant to, the flow of oxytocin and other birth hormones must be allowed to happen, undisturbed.

What else generates oxytocin?

Orgasms and sexual arousal.

When you are turned on in bed, you are turned on in life

– Kim Anami

When I had a child over two decades ago, I knew a couple of things:

The last place I wanted to give birth was a hospital.

My body would know exactly what to do.

And that’s pretty much how I did it.

I found the most grassroots midwife I could, picked up a copy of Spiritual Midwifery, and trusted that the eons of wisdom that were encoded into my genes would show me how to birth my baby.

I listened to to stories of women who, through their births, found their voice, their power and a deeper part of themselves.

That’s what is meant to happen.

A woman taps into her ancestral wisdom, the same way that newborns know how to find their mother’s nipple—in every species.

My view is that we all instinctively know how to conceive, have easy pregnancies and orgasmic, pleasurable, self-actualizing births.

All we need to do is remove the blockages that are covering up that natural and innate wisdom.

In my work as a holistic sex and relationship coach, everything I do is about restoring men and women to their own true power.

My view is that sexually speaking, all women:

  • Are multi-orgasmic
  • Have high libidos
  • Can ejaculate across the room
  • Can shoot ping pong balls with our vaginas

All men can:

  • Make love all night
  • Separate orgasm from ejaculation
  • Have rock-hard erections into their ripe old age

The only thing that prevents us from doing these things are our own blocks.

They may be culturally imposed upon us, like the idea that women just aren’t that sexual.

Or they might come out of some underf**ked male scientist setting out to prove that just because he can’t sexually satisfy his wife, apparently there is no female G-Spot.

Or, the block might be from a previous trauma you’ve had that obscures your innate knowing of how to do something.

In my work, I am the great permission giver and block remover.

My aim is that people tap into their deepest truth and power and live from that place.

The same kinds of blocks are super-imposed upon women—and us as a culture at large —when it comes to pregnancy and birth.

Knowing how to give birth is one of—if not THE most—natural, innate things we could do.

Our species—and every species on the planet—was made for this. Through this.

If there is one thing our bodies know how to do, it’s make—and birth—babies.

All we need to do is remove the whatever is blocking that process, that age-old, ancestral-encoded-in our genes-and-bones, process.


“Birth is safe. Interference is risky.”

~ Trust Birth Initiative

My assertion is that pregnancy and childbirth can be entirely:

  • Natural and free-flowing
  • Woman-directed and DIY
  • Pleasurable
  • Orgasmic

This is how it was meant to be.

The greatest high and orgasm of your life.

Left to its own devices, the birth process in a woman mimics the rise to orgasm.

Oxytocin builds in arousal and orgasm, and in birth, to levels 10 times as high as they do during orgasm.

So think of your very best orgasm ever, multiply that by 10, and now you have your orgasmic birth.

Your endorphins kick in on a massive scale, and by the end of it, you are on a hormonal high, the highest you’ll ever be in your life.

Who wouldn’t want that?

When a woman has an undisturbed birth process, and she has done her own internal block-clearing to rid herself of the medical and psychological and brainwashing and fear-mongering, her hormones do their job and there is no need for pain medication.

Instead, she’ll be in an altered state, a supreme high, that will carry her into the birth of her child and the rebirth of herself.

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Kim is a total rockstar and a tour de force of all things sexual.

Her stuff is a cut above anything I've seen.

Dr. Christiane Northrup
Holistic OBGYN, New York Times best-selling author


  • You gracefully tune into your own intuition and body.

    Since taking Sexy Mama, I feel so much more empowered to conceive, navigate pregnancy and birth in a way that nourishes me, my partner and future child.
    ~ Kate S.

  • You are sexually embodied.

    My relationship with my partner has improved and we are having the best sex of our lives!
    ~ Christie M.

  • You trust your body.

    Starting this course off I felt like free birth was more of a dream but not a realistic one for me. Now I believe in it whole-heartedly. It's not a dream. I am confident in my body.
    ~ Felicia C.

  • You shed your false beliefs.

    I used to fear birth so deeply, now I am looking forward to it with every fiber of my being.
    ~ Amber G.

  • You surrender to the flow of life.

    Surrendering to birth is as natural to me as surrendering to cervical orgasms!
    ~ Amanda M.

What does a sovereign, blissful pregnancy look like?

When a woman is well-f**ked and occupying her fullest expression, her pregnancy becomes a dance with creation itself.

She is surrendered to the very flow of life, a conduit between the seen and unseen realms.

She recognizes the difference between truth and fear, and her decisions are guided by her baby and herself.

She is in tune with her body and orgasms are her prenatal care.

Her boundaries are strong and the company she keeps is wise and supportive. 

Her partner trusts her intuition and he is there only to hold an aura of protection.

She knows she was made for this, and it’s her birthright to birth in ecstasy, creating a wave of love that ripples throughout the collective as a whole.

She and her baby will be reborn, clearing their lineage and ushering in a new way forward.

As you tune into your sexual self:

1. You have the energy to take care of yourself and your children.

Parenthood isn’t inherently a drain. In fact, I’ve worked with many couples who have four, five and even six children and have sex every single day.

Or almost every single day.

As I always say, if sex doesn’t energize you, you’re doing it wrong…

It's the greatest energy source there is and when you're fueled, you and your family will benefit from your overflow.

The only greater energy source is birth itself. A powerful birth experience bonds a couple together and it becomes fuel for the rest of your lives, a power you can tap into at any time.

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2. You're more guided with your life purpose and motherhood.

Another myth of motherhood is that a woman’s individual purpose in life and motherhood cannot coexist.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons so many women are afraid to have children.

While I believe that our children need our unconditional love and presence throughout their lives, it doesn’t need to be at the expense of your dharma…

By birthing in sovereignty and owning your sexual self as a mother, your life and motherhood become an expression of who you are.

You do not get lost in motherhood. You are uplifted by it and able to tend to your dreams for yourself as you do your children.

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3. You continuously grow deeper with your partner.

Birth is intended to bring a couple closer together, not become a wedge between them as has become the norm today.

There’s nothing like witnessing the culmination of life you have grown inside you being birthed into your reality…

The love you have for each other, embodied in the physical form of your baby.

You remain in awe of what you’ve created, having experienced the greatest level of intimacy there is.

Your relationship is rebirthed into new levels of respect, trust, and bliss. The experience becomes something you can resource yourselves from for the rest of your lives.

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4. You don't outsource your decision making, it comes from within.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are rife with the opinions of others.

If you are not whole within yourself, it’s easy to become swept up in the whirlwind of unasked for advice. To be influenced by what’s common or popular as opposed to what’s in alignment with you….

When you are well-f**ked, you don’t give a fuck about what other people think about you.

You know exactly who you are and your sexual energy becomes a forcefield around you and your family.

Coupled with the permanent afterglow of a powerful birth, you are a force to be reckoned with.

You are guided from within and your children are nurtured by your authenticity. They see what it’s like to live in truth and grow up comfortable to live in their own truth instead of following the status quo.

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Sex is the magic bullet for all that ails you

– Kim Anami

Every woman can.

Every woman can have a pleasurable pregnancy, remain intimate with her partner, and have an ecstatic, natural orgasmic birth. Every woman can consciously call in their ideal birth experience. Every woman can tune into her innate body wisdom to guide her through a blissful motherhood.

Yes, all women can have an orgasmic birth process. With the right tools.

You don’t need a doctor to do this. You just need me.

I’ve done it for thousands of women, and now I’m going to do it for you.

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The Anami Guarantee

Every woman can. Every woman can have an orgasmic birth, completely rejuvenate themselves during pregnancy, and enjoy postpartum and motherhood. Every woman can have a self led and aligned birth experience. Every woman can create the community to help support her and be able to live and speak her truth.

Yes, all woman can have a pleasurable birth process. With the right tools.

Game changing!

Kim is an ambassador for sacred sexuality. She believes that pleasure heals, and she shows you how to find it... first on your own, then with your partner. Her work lights the path home to your realized self.

Kelly Brogan MD

Holistic Psychiatrist and New York Times bestselling author

Here’s Sexy Mama

An 8-week Virtual Salon of Holistic Pregnancy and Ecstatic Birth

«Salons» are a tradition of learning that dates back centuries.

In this modern-day version, you’ll receive pre-recorded HD videos, followed up by live, interactive Q+A calls, including community breakout sessions. In between, you’ll have “homeplay” assignments to flex your new sexual muscles. I’ll be there to troubleshoot with you every step of the way.

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Salon Syllabus

Salon 1: Every Woman Can Have An Ecstatic Birth
Understanding the elements that nourish you towards an orgasmic birth. Clearing space for sex and intimacy. 
Salon released:
  • Reigniting the couple connection to welcome orgasms in bed and in birth
  • Clearing blocks to tune into your innate wisdom
  • Using vaginal orgasms to facilitate orgasmic birth
  • Getting honest and committing to doing the clearing work
Salon 2: Conscious Conception
Physical and emotional aspects of fertility. How to bring your full orgasmic self to the bed.
Salon released:
  • The energy of fertility and becoming receptive
  • Learn how your sexual energy plays a role in conception
  • How to connect with and consciously conceive your child
  • Nutrition and detox for optimum fertility
Salon 3: Luscious and Intuitive Pregnancy
Creating your ideal birth. How to reprogram yourself to fully trust your innate wisdom.
Salon released:
  • Doctor-approved essential nutrients, food, supplements and exercise
  • How to tap into your intuition to have a blissful pregnancy
  • Yoni and perineal massage
  • Owning and loving your pregnant body
Challenge Week
You’ll be given your “challenge” assignment during the course!
Salon released:
Salon 4: Orgasmic Birth and Your Rebirth
Embracing a self-directed, unassisted birth. The emotional and physical birth tools to add to your birth kit.
Salon released:
  • Making labor pleasurable and even orgasmic—yes, it’s possible
  • Best holistic birth and after-birth practices
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Creating your renegade birth kit
Salon 5: The Babymoon Year
Tools of the trade to experience a euphoric babymoon year.
Salon released:
  • Why breastfeeding is best and how to embrace it
  • Attachment parenting
  • Infant massage: benefits and techniques
  • Learning your baby's cues and language
  • Preparing for postpartum euphoria
Challenge Week 2
You’ll be given your “challenge” assignment during the course!
Salon released:
Salon 6: Habits for Life
Continue to be juicy, purpose-aligned and orgasmic throughout the rest of your life.
Salon released:
  • Sexuality after birth: how to keep having it!
  • Your identity as a mother. Follow your dharma.
  • The untraumatized child
  • Igniting your sex life after having children

Sexy Mama Salon includes LIFETIME ACCESS to:

6 modules

Gorgeous HD videos filled with orgasmic enlightenment, practices and secrets to unlock all of your potential.

Homeplay assignments

Including block clearing guided visualizations, transcendent healing modalities, renegade birth kit creation, quantum leap sexual techniques to keep the simmer alive, and preparing for a euphoric postpartum.

Weekly Q+A sessions with Kim

Access her 30+ years worth of experience in the sexual and spiritual frontiers.

Weekly community breakout calls

Connect with other women in the program for sharing and support.

Anami Inner Circle

Private comment section for salon members only. Share with your fellow salons participants 24/7 and support one another.

Next-level resources

Recommendations from Kim for complementary tools, practices and modalities to deepen your healing and awakening.

Blissful Birth
bonus series

Continue your studies for months and years to come. There’s always another level to go.


Special rates on all Anami Alchemia shop products for the duration of the salon.

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Meet some of our Well-F**ked All Stars

Amanda's Orgasmic Birth
“My birth was all of the orgasms I ever had, rolled into one—the biggest of my life.”

Yvonne's Ecstatic Birth
"I've got this. I'm in control. I've had a pain free birth twice and the second one was ecstatic."

Sylvie's Healing Freebirth and Wild Pregnancy
"Wow, this is the experience I am supposed to have and I'm so happy to have it, so healing."

Sky's Freebirth after 40
"Since your course, it has really bonded us and brought us together."

Meet Kim Anami


Kim Anami is here to infuse more passion into your life and bed

  • She is a holistic sex + relationship coach, vaginal kung fu master, writer, speaker, surfer and mother.
  • She works with women, couples and men, who especially love her “no-holds-barred” and bold approach to radical change.
  • Her work has been endorsed by health professionals and wellness innovators from around the world, including integrative physicians, OBGYNs, naturopaths, therapists, and thought leaders across the spectrum.
  • Holistic” in the sex and intimacy field means that Kim addresses root causes and doesn’t settle for allopathic Band-Aids. For example, she doesn’t default to a victim mindset in bodily ailments, but instead addresses the core physical and psychological sources to permanently heal and resolve issues.
  • Kim works with a host of natural methods—from ancient Tantric and Taoist practices to cultivate sexual power—to modern research on neuroscience, and blends them into a concise roadmap to quantum leap your growth to becoming a well-f**ked woman, and an empowered mother in the world.
  • She looks at sex as a tool for self-growth and self-realization. When we learn to consciously use it, we tap into a superpower that elevates everything from your intimate relationship, your pregnancy and birth experience, to your bank balance.

As Seen In

The Blissful Birth Bonus Series

More tools for your transformative journey. We continue the pregnancy and birth education most women (and men) have never had.

Bonus Salon 1
Yoni Massage
Learn my step-by-step techniques to give a healing yoni massage to awaken and activate your vagina. Having a sentient vagina means having a connected, conscious birth.
Value: $497
Bonus Salon 2
Water Birth
Interview with birth pioneer Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova on the sanctity of natural water birth, her work with limbic imprinting and healing the birth wound.
Value: $397
Bonus Salon 3
Infant Microbiome
We now know how important the gut biome is for everything from immunity to mood. Learn how to create the most robust gut flora for your baby with cutting-edge knowledge.
Value: $497
Bonus Salon 4
Healing and Preventing Prolapse Naturally
Pelvic organ prolapse can be prevented and reversed. Learn the top holistic experiences in reversing even the most severe prolapses, and learn lifestyle habits for maintaining reproductive health.
Value: $247
Bonus Salon 5
Herbs: Natures Best Healers
Meet the super-herbs for acute and chronic healing to create your home medicine cabinet. We’ll address issues from conception to breastfeeding to new mama and babyhood.
Value: $497
Bonus Salon 6
Elimination Communication
Strengthen the intuitive connection with you and your baby through the age-old practice of having your infant express its bodily needs to you. Bye bye diapers and strenuous training! Hello body confidence and freedom.
Value: $397
Bonus Salon 7
Womb Massage for Postpartum
An interview with Rachelle Garcia Seliga of Innate Traditions Postpartum Care about womb massage; a simple self-care practice available to all women that's been practiced for millennia to maintain optimal uterine health.
Value: $357
Bonus Salon 8
Postpartum Yoni Steaming
An interview with Keli Garza, founder of Steamy Chick and pioneer in bringing yoni steaming back to the collective conscious as a healing self-care practice for women.
Value: $357

Total Value of the Blissful Birth Bonus Series

$3179 – included free in the salon!

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The Guarantee

If you absorb and apply this information, I know it will make a difference for you in all aspects of your life.

You have to commit to the process.

This is not something you can pay $1200- for and magically tap into your sexual self.

If you find that after reading, listening and acting on the techniques in this course, you find no improvement in your sexual outlook and experience, I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

In order to do that, I’ll require your completed homeplay assignments from all of the salons within 30 days of purchasing the salon. Why? If you do the work, I know you will see change.

That being said, the cultural blocks about free and empowered sexual expression are so strong, that it can take months and years to move through them. It’s important that you prioritize this experience, set aside time daily to focus on it and acknowledge small gains.

The tools you need to shift are all here. You have lifetime access to them, so you can go back and refer to everything multiple times.

Like orgasms, some are bigger and more life-changing than others. Each one represents a breakthrough and an ascension to a higher level.

I’ll see you there.
Kim xxx

I am ready to have an ecstatic birth!


Keys to Tapping into Sexy Mama wisdom HD Video Series, mp3s and transcripts
Weekly Coaching from Kim
Blissful Birth Bonus Series
A community of like-minded women


I understand that my investment is backed by your 100% guarantee, provided I do my homeplay.

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Everthing You Need To Know!


What is the cost?

$1197 USD

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do. You may choose to pay in full or spread out over two months with two payments of $647.

How much time will I need to devote to this?

The more you put in, the more you get out.

I’ve designed this course to be a concentrated download of the best techniques I know. I’d suggest committing at least 4-5 hours a week to focus on watching the videos, writing, exercises and “sex dates”—if only with yourself!

Is this course only for women looking to "free birth" or unassisted?

No! This course is for all women who are looking to reclaim their innate birthing wisdom, work through fears and programming and to educate themselves about their options. Many women take this course and end up feeling comfortable enough to give birth unassisted, but others choose to hire a birth attendant or birth in a birthing center or hospital. This course is all about helping you discern the truth for yourself and make the right decision for you, whatever that might be.

How do I know this is a fit for me? What is your refund policy?

If you’ve read my blog and watched my videos, you’ll have a good idea of who I am and what I can offer you.

Here we go deeper and fuller.

I KNOW these tools work. They have changed my life and thousands of people I have worked with. If you can prove to me, by submitting the finished product of the work you have done within 30 days of purchase, that you’ve put in the effort and still no results, I’ll refund your money.

I'm thinking to be pregnant in the next few years. Do I take this now or wait?

There is so much information in this program related to conception preparation as well as birth and pregnancy, that ideally you get a head start on it as soon as you can. For example, it's recommended to start "eating for conception" a year prior. We spend time on "calling in" your baby as well. Up to you, but there is a ton of material in this program to dive into. I'd suggest sooner rather than later! Because you have lifetime access, you can revisit the information at any time.

How far will this take me?

Your sexual evolution is a constant practice, much like your career. Meaning, in the work we choose, we typically get some kind of training. Then we continue to expand ourselves through seminars, workshops, reading about new developments in our industry and mentoring with people we admire. If we didn’t do these things, we’d stagnate.

Your sexual and intimate life is no different.

This course will jumpstart you and take you further than where you are now. Depending on how open you are, it can be the turning point from which you never look back. Your openness and commitment are what will decide that.