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Should you have sex before the big game?


Should you have an orgasm?

That’s the big question.

There was a cute little science-y video floating around this week taking on the sex-fuelled, Olympic question of “How does sex affect athletic performance?”

The video explores biochemical and psychological factors, ultimately coming up with an “it depends” answer.

I’ve got a better answer for you. And a plan.

The idea of “no sex before the big game” has been around in the sports world for decades. As the video mentions, Mohammed Ali would refrain from sex for six weeks before a fight, with the intention of preserving and heightening his energy.

The idea (especially relating to men), that sex, or rather, ejaculation, can be depleting, has been around for millennia.

The ancient Greeks spoke about the delicate balance of fluids within a man’s system and how excessive “spilling” of those fluids was detrimental to his physical and mental health. Plato even said that Olympians ought to avoid sex before competing.

We’ve all had the experience (whichever side of the bed you are on), of men having their orgasm and then literally passing out with exhaustion.

These ideas are also reflected in ancient Tantric and Taoist sexual philosophy. They believe that ultimately men are drained by excessive or unconscious ejaculation.

How we have sex and how we orgasm determines whether we come away from the experience feeling depleted or rejuvenated.

On the build to orgasm, we release dopamine. Dopamine, you remember, is the cocaine high. This is what drives us to achieve in the world, to take risks and leap into the unknown.

And dopamine builds testosterone. Testosterone is known to boost performance.

But here’s the thing. When you orgasm, you get a release of another hormone called prolactin. The prolactin acts to counteract the dopamine, and leaves you feeling all relaxed and calm.

Which is lovely.

However, if you are looking to increase your dynamic edge, you would stop before orgasm and harvest your dopamine only.

This is the idea that fuels urban Tantric legends of Sting keeping his wife up all night long with his sexual acumen.

Playing on the edge.

All the good stuff happens at the edge.

I call it “hormone hacking.”

In sex, we want to deliberately gather all of that beautiful and powerful edginess and channel it into our daily lives—in our work performance, our sexual performance and of course, our athletic performance.

This way, you can reap the benefits of sexual play, without the energy loss.

It’s also possible for men to separate orgasm from ejaculation. So you don’t even have to miss out on the pleasure of orgasm—in fact, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

I speak often about how my public speaking secret weapon is to masturbate before a big gig, or a video shoot. In fact, when I go shoot on location, I’ll have my vibrator and a dildo tucked away in my hair and makeup kit.

That’s why I try and shoot closer to home these days!

I practice these energy-harvesting techniques and teach them as well.

While women are at less risk for energy depletion from orgasm, they can still benefit from the same “harvesting” ideas.

They are simple to learn and will revolutionize your sexual experiences. You can find them in my Sexual Mastery for Men video series and my How to Be a Well F**ked Woman video series. Both are free, and both are mandatory sexual learning.

You’ll up your game. In every part of your life.


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