Supercock Training ~ Day 1!

Welcome to your Supercock Training!

All men can be Supercocks and sexual masters.

It’s The Anami Guarantee.

Watch the video below to start your well-f**ked journey, and begin your homeplay!



– Take some time to journal and reflect on the prompts below. Thinking about your sexual past and present will help you to write a new future once you start making some of these connections discussed in the questions.

– I’ve got lots of juicy homeplay coming for you, but if I had one piece of advice that will serve you the best it would be to just breathe! Or as Wim Hof says, “Breathe, motherf**ker!”.

This is one of my top tips for increasing stamina, being present in your body and even separating orgasm from ejaculation. Take some time today to focus on conscious breathing with a deep 4-count inhale and 4-count exhale. You can do this in meditation, and/or during sex or self-pleasuring. Aim to bring your attention to your breath at least five times today, and breathe consciously for at least one minute–you can set a timer. More on this in the coming days.

Here’s a video you can watch that will guide you with the breath and give you other stamina-building advice–why it’s the most essential sexual skill for you as a man, and how to achieve it: How to Last Longer in Bed and Cure Premature Ejaculation Forever!


For discussion or journalling:

– Do you believe it’s possible for all men to have sex for hours and give their woman multiple, deep, vaginal orgasms? When you hear me talking about The Anami Guarantee, do you trust that this applies to you too? What would it mean to know that you too, can be a well-f**ked man with killer stamina whose woman looks at you like an orgasm-bestowing sex god?

– What has your sex life been like throughout your life? How long do you typically last in bed? Do you feel energized or tired after ejaculating? Does your woman typically want you to “get it over with” or last longer? Have you given a woman an orgasm beyond clitoral ones?

– Have there been times where you have had really great sex in your past and noticed a correlation to positive outer life changes? A job offer comes through, someone drops money into your lap? Conversely, when you’ve experienced stagnancy, dullness, or strife, and feeling “cockblocked” in your life, can you see if there was a connection to stuckness in your intimate relationship? 

– Do you feel like you can fully be yourself with your partner, in your vocation, and with the people in your life? Or do you hold back? Do you have trouble initiating sex with your partner?

– How often are you taking the time to consciously breathe in your day? During sex or self-pleasuring how do you normally breathe? Is it shallow or fast? Do you hold your breath at times? How did taking longer breaths make you feel?