Supercock Training ~ Day 3!

Are you a wanker? 

Meaning, do you go jerk off just to “clean the pipes”?

Or are you treating your cock like the healing tool that it is and using it for your own sexual mastery and masculine upleveling?

When most guys have sex or masturbate, they end up feeling tired and passing out afterward. 

The *right* way to have sex is one that leaves you feeling revitalized and ready to go to the gym.


I suggest a minimum three-times-a-week practice—whether it’s self-pleasuring or making love. I’m going to show you a way to do it that actually hacks your hormones, and enables you to  build more dopamine and testosterone in the process.

It’s good-fuck medicine that’s good for ALL that ails you!

Often people stick to the same sexual routine, because… it works! 

When the goal is to quickly “get off”, that approach makes sense.

But we have other goals in Anami Land, such as to: 

  • Make you a long-lasting, rock-hard supercock who can fuck your woman for hours.
  • Have orgasms that are therapeutic, transformative, life-changing and have you feeling ecstasy for DAYS.

Or as one of our well-f**ked all-stars would say, “I felt like I could be on a rowboat in Scandinavia and conquer some small island afterward. I mean, I feel like a fucking Viking!”

In order to inhabit Viking territory, you need to be willing to try NEW approaches, and explore new territory in yourself.

Busting out a “get me to sleep” orgasm to your favorite porn scene is the most base use of your sexual energy.

I have no judgment about what you do.

BUT my work is all about elevating your sexual energy so that it becomes a massive pleasure and creative force in your life.

It makes you a better person and a better lover.

So I say this with great sincerity:

Go fuck yourself!

But you know. Consciously. 



– Take some time to journal and reflect on the prompts below. 

– This week while self-pleasuring, consciously bring a different energy into the experience and treat it like a self-love practice. Instead of just “jerking off” or rushing to an orgasm, try using this time to focus on your breathing, raising your own pleasure threshold and increasing your stamina. Use the breathing exercises from your Day 1 homeplay and set aside at least 10—and ideally 30—minutes for yourself. 

– Examine your beliefs around self-pleasuring overall. Not just for you, but for your partner as well. For many men, this is a source of insecurity while for others it’s something they wish their partner would do more! Self-pleasuring is important for both partners in a relationship


For discussion or journalling:

– When you self-pleasure does it feel like self-pleasuring or more like jerking off? What intention do you go into your self-pleasuring with? Just to “clean the pipes” or have you considered using it as a tool to improve your sexual prowess or even as a self-healing tool?

– How often do you self-pleasure and how do you feel afterwards? Are you sleepy or rejuvenated? 

– Do you notice a difference in your energy level after self-pleasuring/having sex and incorporating conscious breathing?