Supercock Training ~ Day 4!

Let’s add another layer to your self-pleasuring practice.

Testicle massage!

The testicles are the storehouse for testosterone in the body and are the reflexology points for the pineal and the pituitary glands in men. Stimulating them is regenerative and increases testosterone production.

Regularly massaging them, even for five minutes a day, will raise the production and flow of testosterone in your system. This will also strengthen your erections and increase your libido!

Physically, you’ll boost circulation, sperm count, and overall improve the health of your testicles, plus everything that they create.

Beyond that, have you ever wondered if it’s possible to grow cock? Organically??

Well it is, and testicle massage is one of my top recommended tools. I’ve got a plethora of other cock growing exercises in the Sexual Mastery for Men Salon, including a whole “size and strength routine” but this will give you a headstart.

How to do it: You’re going to cup both of them with your thumb on top and your fingers underneath and then just massage with a light, rolling, circular motion. You want to go 36 times in one direction and then 36 times in the other direction, breathing deeply throughout.

As I always say, “I don’t do coffee, I do orgasms,” or some kind of sexual energy.

Even if you do this once a day, you’ll reap benefits. I suggest doing it as part of your morning routine. Instead of your daily espresso shot, give yourself a testosterone shot first thing in the morning!

As you’ve likely noticed, the last few days have had a common thread to them. T-boosting!

Tomorrow you’ll find out why I’ve had you focusing on this and the ultimate reason why it’s so important. Stay tuned!



– Take some time to journal and reflect on the prompts below. 

– Since learning more about self-pleasuring yesterday, let’s take this a level further and give the family jewels the much needed attention they deserve! Refer to the instructions above and include the massage into your self-pleasuring routine 3x per week. After practicing this a few times, note if you feel any difference in your physical energy and in your confidence.

– Keep in mind that testicle massage isn’t just for you to do! Your partner can get involved in your testosterone boosting too 🙂 She can apply the same routine recommended for you during foreplay. It’s a wonderful connection building tool that can uplevel your foreplay.


For discussion or journalling:

– Have you ever thought of giving your own testicles some love? Has your partner ever massaged them before?

– After today and yesterday’s homeplay combined, have you noticed any difference in how your self-pleasuring sessions feel compared to your norm?