Supercock Training ~ Day 6!

Spending focused time, touch and attention on each other’s genitals is profoundly healing and awakening.

Let’s talk about pussy massage.

How well do you know your way around a pussy?

Honestly, most people have no idea.

Men and women alike are pretty clueless when it comes to this region of the body known as “the origin of the world.”

I know men who still debate where the clitoris is.

And have no idea where the cervix is.

Or, that the cervix is the site of THE most pleasurable and powerful orgasms a woman can have.

And I know plenty of women who have not even put their fingers in their own vaginas.

Both sexes are dissociated from their genitals.

Yet, your sexuality and organs are your sources of power and energy.

When you own them, and fully integrate them, inhabit them, and your sexual self, you become more of who you really are.

The process is amplified when you help her get there by showering her with adoration.

In a loving, passionate, dedicated yoni massage, we are aiming to awaken, activate and bring deep, life-changing pleasure to the vagina and a woman’s overall sexual being.

Over the decades of doing my work, as a holistic sex and relationship coach, the thing I hear over and over from women is how numb their vaginas are.

With focused, loving attention, we can transform a numb vagina into a multi-orgasmic and highly aroused one.

Learn how to give a healing, awakening and arousing pussy massage in today’s homeplay and tomorrow we end with learning how to master one of the most hotly debated sexual acts there is.



– Take some time to journal and reflect on the prompts below. 

– Watch my Yoni Massage + Pussy Shiatsu tutorial video and give your woman one tonight!


For discussion or journalling:

– Does your partner talk about how much sensation she feels during sex or manual touch? Is she numb? Does she experience pain or discomfort? Or does she experience it as pleasurable and is able to feel a lot? Does she prefer clitoral orgasms above all else or they are the only ones she’s had?

– How well do you know your way around a pussy?? Have you located the clitoris, G-Spot or cervix in your current or past partner(s) before?

– What is your approach to foreplay? Which acts do you like and how long do you spend? Do you ensure that your woman is fully wet before entering her? Does she ever use lube because she’s not fully wet?

– Have you ever given a dedicated yoni massage? What is the longest amount of time you’ve spent massaging and exploring your woman’s vagina?