Supercock Training ~ Day 7!

Squirting, aka female ejaculation, is possible for every woman.

And NO, it’s not “just pee”.

This liquid is a magical, rejuvenating elixir that nourishes both the squirter and the squirtee.

Squirting has been written about for millennia.

We find it referenced in text and teachings all over the world.

It is often described as:

Food of the Gods. Nectar. Ambrosia. Amrita. The Fountain of Youth.

Even though squirting tends to be a highly sought after check-the-box sex act inspired by porn, it’s a profound experience to have and share with an intimate partner.

An anointing!

To coax these emissions out of a woman requires trust, openness and surrender.

These qualities are INFUSED into her essence.

Which is why it’s such a potent gift to receive, for both.

In today’s homeplay we’ll be taking your skills to the next level! Tonight, you search for The Fountain of Youth. Little did you know it was right in front of you the whole time.



– Take some time to journal and reflect on the prompts below. 

– Watch my 9 Steps to Make You a Squirting Master video for tips you can use to help your woman surrender into squirting bliss! Ideally you can try these out tonight, but otherwise make it a priority the next time you are sexual with your partner.

– Buy lots of towels! Fair warning, many a well-f**ked couple who has come through my salons complain that the biggest issue in their relationship has become who’s going to do the laundry after all of the prolific squirting.

I’d say if that’s the worst, these couples are in a pretty good place, but yes, I seriously recommend a dedicated pile of “squirting towels” for these sexual forays.


For discussion or journalling:

– What are your current thoughts on squirting? Do you believe it’s a real phenomenon? Have you previously thought that it’s just pee?

– Have you ever made a woman squirt before? If so, how did both of you react? Were either of you surprised, embarrassed, or put off? Or excited, turned on and curious to explore this more? 

– Now that you know more of what is required for a woman to experience this, are you interested in exploring this with your partner?

– How do you feel about sexual fluids? Do they make you uncomfortable or are they all welcome and you value their sacredness? Would you be comfortable ingesting your woman’s amrita?