The New Normal Project

Since we are currently living in a dystopian world, with the mantra and programming for a ridiculous “New Normal”, I want to hijack this phrase and idea. The aim is to redefine and create “the New Normal” as WE envision it to be.

To kick this off, I’d like to put together a group video where everyone creates a short clip, with the utmost brevity and their hardest hitting points, to describe YOUR “New Normal.” What would your absolute best, most amazing, utopian vision be for what is “normal”?

We post this group video and then invite others to replicate it. My aim is to have this campaign repeated and blasted EVERYWHERE.


1. Format: video.

2. Length: 20-30 seconds. I totally encourage you to create your own expanded version of this in the form of video, podcast, social media posts, whatever. But for this initial group video, it’s got to be short so we can edit them all together.

3. Tone: Keep in the positive. Rather than “Billy G is tried for crimes against humanity” (a noble vision, to be sure), we focus on OUR ideals. People are more likely to participate if they aren’t afraid of being censored. Rather than “I do not consent”, say instead what you want to create and vision instead. Think: affirmations.

4. Scope: Must be at least a little farfetched and ultra-utopian. We are doing our part to counter the extreme craziness that we are seeing being promoted, with our own versions of a blissful future, rather than (for now) getting bogged down in the other side.

5. Subject: Make it central to your area of expertise. I have all kinds of visions for a utopian future, but for the sake of this project, I’m sticking to my views on holistic sex and intimacy as medicine, which is what I’m known for. I released a longer podcast here: “The New Normal”, (also transcribed) in which I go into much more depth.

Here is a great example for schools (longer than we want for this project, but you get the idea):

6. Aim to be specific. You may be a “health generalist” and so you have many options. Try to make what you say as concrete as possible. Rather than “freedom” or “radiant health” can you give an example of what those things look like?

7. Feel free to (and please!) be witty and funny.

8. Deadline for submissions: Sunday May 31st at midnight PST

9. If you can think of anyone who would great to feature in this project, please email

As an example, this is going to be my 20-30 second pithy contribution to the group video (I’ll record it).

Kim’s New Normal: 
“All people have bed-shaking, neighbours-complaining sex and life-changing, full-body, “I just saw God” orgasms.
People use sex as medicine to prevent and cure illness. We are prescribed orgasms instead of opiates, sexual positions instead of anti-depressants, and realize that sex is THE ultimate source of healing and rejuvenation—indeed, it is the ancient and coveted Fountain of Youth.
We understand that our sexual energy is a creative life-force, and that we can consciously use it to direct and shape our lives, and as a means to attain higher states of consciousness and spiritual transcendence.
All this! Right at our fingertips.”


If this takes off, we/others can eventually create videos for different sects: one for health care, environmental management, urban planning, journalists, lawyers, the list can, and hopefully will, go on and on.

Phase Two will be posting the edited, strung-together version of our clips, and then inviting others to replicate with the hashtags: #thenewnormal #newnormal #abetternormal. More on that after the video is completed. You can then “nominate” people you know to also make their own versions. And for all of your followers to do the same!

Ping us if you have questions: with “New Normal” in the subject line. 

You can upload your clip here: