Vaginal Kung Fu Webinar 2020


Learn all about why your vagina is your power source and how to access your creative, sexual, orgasmic energy to turbo-charge your life.

Plus, why Kegels don’t work and why jade yoni eggs are THE best tool on the market for vaginal strengthening.

Oh, yeah. And why it’s every woman’s God-given right to shoot ping pong balls from her vagina.

A jade yoni egg vaginal weightlifting practice leads to:

– More and better orgasms, like G-Spot, cervical and squirting orgasms.

– An ecstatic vagina.

– Higher libido.

– Decreased PMS and easier menstruation and menopause.

– You can give your man a hand job. With your vagina.

– Elimination of urinary incontinence and keeping your internal organs (i.e. no POP).

– A wet, wet, wetter than wet vagina. You’ll lubricate like crazy, no matter your age.

– Easier childbirth and faster recovery.

– A natural facelift. Bye bye Botox.

– Being able to create and birth your life. From your vagina.

Hear all about it, plus what you need to know about the Vaginal Kung Fu Salon starting next week.

Come one, come all!

Title: Vaginal Kung Fu Webinar
Date & Time: Tuesday January 21st at 5:00 PM Pacific 
Attend by Phone: (425) 440-5010
Guest pin code: 134932#
Full list of local dial-in Numbers:

Event Page:

If you can’t make the webinar, check back afterwards on the same link and you’ll be able to access the replay.

You may leave questions you have before the webinar in the comment box and I will answer them during the webinar.

   Vaginal Kung Fu Salon begins next week!

The salon is now open for registration.

Life-changing vaginal orgasms, off-the-charts libido and financial abundance.

All from a super-powered vagina.

Sign up here today. 


Image: @ginkas.m