Sexual Savant Salons + E-Courses

Sexual Savant Salons + E-Courses

Salons are virtual learning experiences. You can take part in your car, your living room or your bed!

The typical salon format is a weekly delivery of pre-recorded, gorgeously shot, HD video content. You receive “homeplay” assignments based on that week’s information, usually a mix of physical challenges and emotional exploration. A few days later, you can jump on the phone live with me for an open Q+A session. Everything is archived for you and you have lifetime access to all of the material.

WFW pink

Well F**ked Woman

“A well-f**ked woman is a thing of beauty.” ~ Kim Anami, Playboy magazine, March 2010. A well-f**ked woman exudes confidence, sensuality, connectedness and is clear in her life’s mission. In this well-f**ked immersion, we touch on everything from multiple orgasms to DIY 50 Shades of Grey to how to leverage your sex life to increase your cash flow. It’s the sex and how-to-live-in-a-female-body education that you never received. The ultimate guide to harness female sexual power and pleasure.

Coming again: August 2015. Free video preview: Click here.

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Coming Together

My work is all about coming together: emotionally + sexually. Multiple times. The essence of conscious, powerful sex is using our intimate connection to transform our lives. This salon will show you how to use your relationship as a vessel for growth, and how to open each other to more love, a deeper connection, and life-changing orgasms.

Coming again: April 2016. Free video preview: Click here.

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G-Spot Ecstasy

The G-Spot is real. It isn’t a myth. And anyone who tells you otherwise simply hasn’t experienced this high-pleasure portal for themselves. (What a shame!) G-Spot orgasms are different. They’re deeper, more emotional, and they amplify our capacity to connect with our partners and ourselves. Coming from your G-Spot is a deep, intense experience that opens us up, on many levels. Everyone should experience it. Ideally, every day. We covers hers and his (yes, he has one too).

Ongoing: This is a self-study salon which you can join anytime. Explore here.

circle-smfm-1Sexual Mastery for Men

We’ll cover everything from building stamina and becoming multi-orgasmic to communication and how to penetrate women, mind, body and soul. All the tools you need for decoding women and inhabiting your own sexuality and genitals.

Coming again: October 2015. Free video preview: Click here.


circle-vkfVaginal Kung Fu

You can use your sexual power to magnetize what you want into your life–which means you need to be connected to your sexual energy and to your vagina. Vaginal weight lifting has been called: “Kegels on steroids!!!!!” From Tatiata Kozhevnikova, the Guinness World Record holder for vaginal weight lifting: “It’s enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies, and in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed.”

Coming again: January 2016 Free video preview: Click here.