What if you could have soul-stretching,

bed-shaking, neighbours-complaining sex — all the time?
You can. Welcome to my world.

Meet Kim



I’m a holistic sex + relationship coach and I’m here to bring more juice to your life and your bed.

I’ve propelled millions into higher stratospheres of connection, sensuality, energy + aliveness. I connect with people all over the world via my online sex + relationship school and my intimacy retreats in Bali and Mexico.

My main message: Everyone ought to be having more sex. And better sex.

When you are, you’ll revitalize not only your intimate relationship but everything else in your life from your career to your bank balance.

I’ll show you how.

Life-changing sex makes anything possible. Come alive.

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DON’T Do Your Kegels!

For years, in countless women’s magazines, women have heard the adage: “Do your Kegels!” And for years, women have suffered silently, thinking that they were the only ones for whom these illustrious exercises, designed to strengthen the pelvic floor of women, did not work for.   

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Breast Massage to Enlarge and Lift Breasts

Breast-ercise! Love your breasts! To fully embody your sexual self, you need to fully embody your breasts. Love them. Own them. This is how you activate their full sexual potential. And this is how you grow them. Because we all know the great spiritual adage: What you focus on grows. 

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