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Three Sex Positions to Make You Smarter!

Did you know that you can fuck your problems away? That cock can heal your depression? And open your heart? That pussy juice can take away your back pain? And give you energy? Did you know that certain sexual positions can make you smarter? 

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Have You Had Your Vitamin BJ Today?

There are so many different kinds of vitamins out there… How do you know which ones to take?

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The $100,000 Vagina

Jen Gunter. I Challenge You to a Vagina-Off. $100,000 USD says my vaginas are happier, healthier and stronger than yours.

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Even I learned new sex positions in this video!

Jade yoni eggs are the best tool on the market for vaginal strengthening and will give you the best sex of your life! 

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Vaginal Kung Fu Webinar 2017

Learn all about why your vagina is your power source and how to access your creative, sexual, orgasmic energy to turbo-charge your life. Plus, why Kegels don’t work and why jade yoni eggs are THE best tool on the market for vaginal strengthening. Oh, yeah. And why it’s every woman’s God-given right to shoot ping pong balls […]

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