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How to spice up your love life even if you don't have one

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Are You All In??

Commit, commit! 150% is where the magic is. Holding back will get you nowhere.

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How to Give a Handjob. With Your Vagina.

Yo, Super Pussy! Do you have a “normal” vagina? Do you even know what that is? There seems to be a big gap out there in terms of what is *perceived* to be normal. And what is actually normal.

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Coo-ching! My Vagina Makes Cash

She’s lit. Look at all the things my vagina can do! When your vagina is happy and healthy and it’s getting well-fucked on a regular basis, it is very productive. In fact, your life and work output is directly related to your vaginal satisfaction.

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Squirting 101

Anointed. In ancient cultures, the act of squirting was considered to be a divine gift bestowed upon a woman’s partner. She anoints him. Her very essence, mined from deep within, and only coaxed out by the most sensitive and skilled hand and cock, was a gift.

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Are Periods and Menopause Supposed to Suck?

No, they’re not supposed to suck. It’s an accepted idea in our culture that women are “cursed” with their “time of the month.” Menstruation is viewed as an untimely, unsightly experience that women need to endure—like some kind of extension of the biblical punishment for the sin of having been born a woman.

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