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180 Days of Sex

“It started as a 180-day pact, and now it’s just a way of living.”

Well-F**ked All Stars Alexis and Mitchell made 2023 their year of Anami.

They’ve implemented pretty much every element of my philosophy and teachings into their lives and bed.

Then they took it to the next level, Anami-style, by committing to six months of daily sex:

Before you protest, yes they have children: three of them!

And yet they still have sex every day—usually twice a day—with multi-hour sex sessions and the occasional “quickie” at 45 minutes.

We talk:

  • 180 days of sex: WITH THREE CHILDREN
  • Fucking your reality into existence: Financial abundance and career advancement via your bed
  • 36 orgasms a day x 180 days
  • When semen retention becomes essential for sexual growth  
  • Orgasm telepathy 
  • Sunday sessions: hour-long lingam and yoni massages
  • Anal orgasms and anal enlightenment 
  • Forgoing alcohol and TV in pursuit of gourmet sex 
  • Women testing men
  • On morning sex: “You can’t fuck the world if you don’t fuck in the morning.”

Reignite the sizzling hot passion in your relationship. 

In the Coming Together for Couples Salon, we explore:

  • How to break out of being “buddies” and bring back the guttural passion with your partner
  • Keeping sexual chemistry hot
  • Natural laws of attraction
  • How to use different sex acts to tap into different emotional and healing qualities
  • How to shift unconscious patterns that keep repeating once and for all, so that they never repeat
  • Specific tips and tricks for irresistibility, orgasm and attraction
  • How to channel orgasmic and creative energy into everyday life

Registration is NOW OPEN!

Check out the salon here.

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