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8 26

Alpha Males vs. Beta Males

Who comes out on top? Who would women rather have sex with?

There’s been a lot of talk in my underground, uncensored channels lately—which are the only places I get my “news” these days since I have not watched mainstream media news for 35 years—about the beta male and alpha male “variants.”

We’re all wondering when we can see the alpha male variant emerge!

I assert that the major pandemic we are actually in, is the proliferation of the beta male variant.

I believe that this is a deliberate, planned destruction of masculinity, the energy of the alpha male, and of literal testosterone in men.

We’ve seen a total vilification of the alpha, at the same time as a celebration and normalization of the beta male.

Effeminate, weak, skinny-fat, soft-spoken, gutless, pushover men are being heralded, and men who are strong, muscular, powerful, dominant and stand their ground are being put down.

At least publicly—in the mainstream and media channels and in left-leaning social and political publications.


Let’s find out. Does any woman want to have sex with a beta male?

In today’s provocative episode, I dish bluntly on:

  • Is the feminization of men deliberate?
  • Who do women prefer having sex with?
  • The differences between alpha and beta men.
  • We are swimming in a sea of estrogen: where is it coming from?
  • A major estrogenic source you didn’t think of and may be consuming daily.
  • What happened when I personally tried relationships with beta men. And, uh, what didn’t happen. (Sex!)

Listen to the episode now.

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11 thoughts on “Alpha Males vs. Beta Males

  1. In reference to Beta vs Alpha and other shows referencing parts being disconnected and removed I would love to hear your thoughts on two common issues for me. One is men on Testosterone therapy. The other is men who have had a vasectomy. In other episodes you stated how seminal fluid helps calm the partner but what are the effects of semen are not present

    1. I don’t believe that anyone needs to take artificial hormones for anything. I believe there is always a natural solution through diet, lifestyle and internal healing work.

    2. Preserving reproductive integrity is essential. There are ways to mitigate it after the fact through consciously healing with sexual energy, as I teach. I would never recommend anyone to do these kinds of elective procedures.

  2. Wow, so so true! Couldn’t agree more!!
    I used to go out with Alpha guys and now married to a Beta. Sex is satisfactory because I taught him what I like, but I’m never wet or fantasise about us having sex, it’s just the same 15 minutes every time! He doesn’t take a stand, I have a lower body fat % than him, he pussyfoots around things, leaves all decisions to me, he can’t make any decisions and that’s such a turn off! He’s kind and dependable, he doesn’t bake though thank God! That’d be a total turn off!
    I’m still with him due to circumstances but I wish it wasn’t like this! It’d be great to have a good, hot, sweaty, earth-shattering fuck with an Alpha!

  3. Awesome episode / podcast!

    Certainly I get the need to keep it simple and only have two types of males. But historically “alpha” males have been described as disrespectful assholes. Certainly I don’t identify as that.

    So I don’t know what to call a third category but I believe there are a lot of us that are somewhere in the middle that fit your verbal description but typically wouldn’t be labeled as “alpha”. Being in my sixties, with twenty something companions (my wife passed away 12 years ago) certainly I’m apparently “fuckable”. {grin} But then again, I’m out there on the front lines as a leader fighting this insanity and willing to give up my career rather than surrender to the pussies trying to inject us!

    We all need to stand up against this castration of our society!

    1. Exactly that’s what makes you an Alpha! That you’re willing to make a stand and stand up for what’s right! Unlike the Betas, who are queuing up to be jabbed and are just nodding to everything without using their intellect!

  4. I want an alpha man with pure, masculine soul! I’d rather stay single forever than share my life with some washed-out, mainstream-compliant, beta version.

  5. Love your podcast. Have used your inspiration to take control of our sex life and make my wife’s pussy my playground. I get great head every single time we fuck now, twice a week. We are in our late 60s. Our sex life has never been better!

    1. Don’t know, don’t care. To me, there is only men who inhabit their masculine energy = alpha. And men who do not = beta.