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BDE: Big D*ck Energy

What is it? Who’s got it? How do you get it? 

BDE is the confidence and self-love someone has when they have got the goods. 

They’ve got it and they know they’ve got it. 

They know they can get the job done. 

Whether it’s achieving high in their chosen profession, or excelling in competitive sports, or giving a woman what she needs to be extremely well-f**ked. 

BDE stands up tall. 

It’s something a man can have, regardless of the size of his physical cock. 

In fact, I have been with men who had dignified, yet average-sized cocks, but could fuck me and the world with such potency and vigor, that it was like they had the world’s most colossal cock. 

I often talk about how for a man, the epitome of being in control of his masculine energy is being able to fuck his woman to smithereens, obliterating her, cracking her open—um, metaphorically!—and shattering her with cataclysmic, life-changing orgasms and love. 

He penetrates her heart and her vagina with equal aplomb. 

And he does the same to the world at large. 

He’s out there, fucking it, penetrating it, shooting his creative jizz and seed out into, populating the world with his ideas and power. 

The cock and a man’s BDE are his barometer for his POTENCY in life. 

The question I often ask men is: 

“Are you fucking life? 

Are you bending it over, having your way with it, slamming it into the headboard? 

Pulling its hair and asking “Whose yo daddy?” 

Are you being your best cock and self? 

And channeling your gifts into your woman and the world? 

That’s Big Dick Energy. 

In today’s video, I interview one of the last bastions of masculine, testosterone-fuelled energy left on the planet: the mighty Ian Smith, co-owner of the Atilus Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey. He is one of the few people over the past months who has taken a strong and powerful stand against tyranny.

You know—what men through the millennia have always done.

Until now.

Where, or where, has all the testosterone gone?

I found some in Bellmawr, New Jersey.

If you’d like to support Ian and the cause of the Atilus Gym:

– Follow Ian Smith’s Instagram account 
– Contribute to the Atilus Gym GoFundMe 

Download and listen on the go to the podcast version:



If you want to reclaim your Big Dick Energy, come on over. 

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One thought on “BDE: Big D*ck Energy

  1. Ian Smith – I bow to you!!
    I don’t even know where to start. This interview demonstrates the best of so many things; questioning the tyranny, fighting the senselessness, standing up with courage and integrity. Ohhh the BDE on this man! What he describes he learned in prison, and what men need to learn today from each other (if only we can still find men who can teach the others) – that’s got my ladypants wet all the way to next week!
    Yes puhhh-leeese more men like this!