Orgasmatopia ~ Day 2!

A Well-F**ked Woman has full knowledge and mastery of her body, her sexuality, and her own vagina. 

I have worked with countless women who have spent little to no time with their vaginas.
I know my vagina inside and out! I’ve spent A LOT of time with that thing, and so have my lovers. ?

I have brought myself to each type of orgasm—clitoral, G-Spot and cervical—and my lovers have too.

In order to learn to use it as your sexuality as your power source—the very definition of being “well-f**ked”—you have to explore, and understand what you like.

Once you own all of you, then you can harness all of your superpowers. If you are dissociated from parts of yourself, you can’t capitalize on your true power.


– Watch my Self-Pleasuring 101: Masturbate Your Way to Health, Wealth and Happiness and 5 Unusual Self-Pleasuring Techniques for Women videos.

– Self-pleasure everyday for at least 10 minutes and ideally up to 30 minutes or more. 

– If you are not in a space to touch yourself, consider the discussion prompt about why you don’t, to start thinking about where the root of your blocks might be. Focus on the exercise coming tomorrow.


For discussion or journaling:

– Do you have trouble communicating to your partner what you like sexually?

– Do you self-pleasure? If so, what does your routine look like and why do you do it? Do you go for quick clitoral orgasms before bed, or go deeper into vaginal orgasms? 

– How did extended breathing and taking more time for yourself make a difference in your experience? What difference did you notice in your physical energy and energy for projects?

– If you don’t self-pleasure, why not? Depending on your answer, this can give you great clues as to where some blocks might be! As examples, body image or childhood and/or religious messaging are often at the root for many women.