Orgasmatopia ~ Day 4!

As women, archetypal feminine characteristics are: softness, receptivity, flow, openness, trust, surrender, magnetizing and attracting what we want to manifest, enjoying and cultivating beauty.

These are qualities we can develop with or without a partner.

The question is:

How can you be a modern AND feminine woman? How can you be a powerhouse but still be feminine in a relationship? Is it possible to be a yang in the streets and a yin in the sheets…?

Contrary to popular belief, you are more powerful in your feminine energy than trying to force yourself to be something you are not.

Surrender is the name of the game in bed and in life.

Tomorrow, you’ll find out more about how essential this key ingredient is for the promised land of vaginal orgasms.


– Listen to my How to Surrender and Open Sexually podcast to hear from an all-star about the effect of surrender on both her sex life and career!

– Continue with your daily self-pleasuring and breast massage for at least 10 minutes sometime in the day. This can be included in your sex date, or on its own.

– Practice checking in with yourself throughout the day and notice when you are forcing vs. letting go, wherever you are, be it home, work, with your children, with your partner, etc. Practice conscious surrender and how different it feels.

– If you have a partner, invite your partner to take charge during a sex date. See if you are able to surrender in this dynamic.


For discussion or journaling:

– Do you experience burnout and overwhelm? If so, have you noticed a difference in how you’ve felt after the last few days of committing to self-care through journaling, self-pleasure and breast massage? Has even doing that been a challenge for you? 

– Who wears the pants in your relationship? Does your partner take charge? Do you even allow him to?

– What does surrender mean to you? Do you perceive it as weakness? Or can you wrap your head around the idea that opening up to the creative power of the universe could actually strengthen you?