Orgasmatopia ~ Day 6!

A Well-F**ked Woman knows that her man’s cock is the essence of the man.

Her devotion to his cock builds him up, helping him to realize his true, masculine power and potential.

And it’s also good medicine for her

The Sanskrit word for cock is “lingam” which means “wand of light”.

Divine cock opens, heals, illuminates and alchemizes all your dross into gold.

So, take your medicine.

Your cock medicine.

Early on in my sex coaching career, I had a keen observation: all the fluff that you find in cheesy sex rags about “101 blow job tips” and the like, meant nothing if a woman didn’t want to go down on her man.

So why didn’t she want to?

That was the ultimate question that no one seemed to be asking.

When you are truly open to your man, you are open to his cock.

What is the formula for pure, unbridled cock love?

Your openness is an unstoppable force all on its own. Not something that is faked or coerced.

A love that gushes out and all over the place—from the bed to the car to the boat to the kitchen table.

Receiving that kind of love is totally transformational for a man.

So many men don’t really love or own their cocks!

But you can help change all that.

And change him from the inside out.

When he is seen, adored, cherished at his core, the benefits are epic.

For him and for you.

So get down on your knees.

And show that cock some love.

Blow jobs are magical things. Look at all the things they can do!

They give pleasure.

And orgasms.

They can land you massive business deals.

They grow cocks.

They can make your yoga practice better.

And your children are calmer and happier.

They can make a man into a warrior, confident, alpha god.

And turn a woman into a sensual goddess.

Did you know that blow jobs are all that and more?

Their ecstatic and reality-bending powers are unlocked when you dive deep into the mysteries of cock love.

This is where we go beyond foreplay and enter the realm of enlightened sex acts.

Today I’m helping you up your cock love game and it might just become your new favorite thing to do.

Tomorrow we open up the conversation about what to do with all of this well-f**ked energy you’re generating in your life and how to channel it out!


– Watch and listen to the following video and podcast: Epic Hand Jobs: 7 Awesome Techniques, Magical Blow Jobs—learn about the blow job that landed a multi-million dollar deal!

– Have a sex date tonight and take at least 20 minutes focusing solely on his cock. You can choose whether to focus on an extraordinary hand job or a magical blow job—or both. See how this level of dedication changes your experience. If you are single, keep these tips in mind for the future!

– Continue with your daily self-pleasuring for at least 10 minutes sometime in the day. This can be included in your sex date, or on its own.


For discussion or journaling:

– How do you feel about “cock love” as I call it? Are you currently a cock liker or lover? Or do you have an aversion to your man’s cock all together? 

– Have you ever considered that cock play is a receiving act and not just giving? That it can nourish and arouse you as well?

– How did it feel to give this kind of conscious love and attention to your man’s cock?