Orgasmatopia ~ Day 7!

The process of accessing creative genius through your sexual energy is twofold:

Simply by connecting to your sexual life force, this creative substance now begins taking form, direction and action in your life.

By learning how to open and surrender sexually, you are opening yourself up to the divine and to the flow of life.

This is the ultimate creative power of the universe and it flows through you.

All of my work is about helping you get it back.

You’ve spent the last six days revving up your sexual energy and you may have already started to notice a difference in your creativity as a result.

This is exactly why this workshop was set up this way, to lead you to this point!

When your sexual creative life force isn’t limited to your bed, but instead channeled into every area of your life.

Now that this connection has been made, your official last piece of homeplay is to bring conscious attention to what it is you’re wanting to manifest.

The life you want is literally at your fingertips.

What will you create?


– Listen to my Meditate, Mastubate, Create! Podcast episode.

– Continue daily self-pleasuring, but incorporate the MMC principles into your play.

– Make time everyday to dedicate to your creative projects. If you’re like me, you’ll run straight to them after sex or self-pleasuring!

– After your self-pleasuring session, make sure you go out and DO something!


For discussion or journaling:

– How is the creative flow in your life? Keep in mind, you don’t need to be into writing, art or typically “creative” endeavors. This can show up in your business, gardening, taking care of your children, or anything you personally are passionate about.

– If there have been times of creative flow or blockage can you see a correlation to your sex life at the time? 

– Have you already noticed a difference in your energy or inspiration after the self-pleasuring you’ve done so far this week?