7-Days to be a Well-F**ked Woman ~ Day 8!

There’s always another level to go.

Registration for the Well-F**ked Woman is open June 2024!

If you choose to pass on this round of the salon, keep the simmer going by checking out the free Well-F**ked Woman video series and other Sexual Savant Salons:

The Sexual Mastery for Men Salon gives men the insights into gaining key tools to build stamina, open women and allow them to surrender. Master Taoist secrets of sexual power and begin to explode the chemistry in your relationship.

The Sexy Mama Salon will teach you how YOU can have an ecstatic, empowering pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

The Vaginal Kung Fu Salon goes deep into the vagina. The jade egg exercises are expanded over the entire eight weeks and you also learn other core and pelvic strengthening exercises. We cover everything from healthy habits/nutrition for the vagina to how to truly harness the creative and “birthing” power of it as well as your sexual energy in general.

The Coming Together Salon will show you how to use your relationship as a vessel for growth, and how to open each other to more love, a deeper connection, and life-changing orgasms.