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The sexual positions that make you the most cash

I’m a big fan of Taoist sexual philosophy.

Five thousand years ago, these ancient cultures really had it going on.


They used sex as a pathway to enlightenment and for healing.

It was about reaching states of ecstasy, yes.

It was also a powerful tool to liberate your life force/creative energy.  

Thousands of years ago, courtesans in the emperor’s court of China taught rulers how to best use their sexual energy so they’d be wiser, more charismatic and healthier.

These were secrets passed through the ages.

And the vaginas.

Taoist physicians, around the time they were developing their systems in acupuncture and herbal medicine, also prescribed sex as a healing regimen.

Yes, doctors would give specific sexual positions to remedy ailments.

Certain thrusts not only make your heart sing, but they heal it.

Magic happens in your bed.

And from your genitals.

They are the source.

The angling of your body and of the cock and the vagina move sexual energy.

Directing it for healing and rejuvenation.

In the Taoist or Chinese medicine system, our internal organs correlate to our emotions.

For example, the liver, when it is in balance, houses feelings of tolerance and openness. When blocked, it manifests as anger.

There’s a position for that.

You can fuck your anger away.

And heal your liver too.

We harmonize as a couple, and within our individual selves.

And cells.

Rewiring old patterns and reawakening in love.

It all comes together.

The rhythm of your lovemaking, of your connection, of your literal thrusting and rocking, reverberates out and touches the world around you.

How you twist, rock and penetrate each other is the pulse that feeds your life.

It is the engine.

It is the creative driver of your universe.

And it all starts in your bed.

After 20 years of studying these practices, I’ve taken them and expanded them.

And added on my own.

For example, I recommend certain sexual positions that will make you more cash.

I advise different sex acts that will ramp up your drive and motivation in the world.

Or, ones that will help to bring you into a state of calm receptivity, to better allow things to “come” to you.

In the end, it’s a messy, juicy mix of intuition, of learning to listen to the deep wisdom within you, combined with a few helpful tips here and there.

That’s what I teach.

I’m the sex doctor extraordinaire.

I go through some basic breathing techniques for how to utilize this energy in my free video series’ for Coming Together, How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman and Sexual Mastery for Men.

In my online salons, I go deeper.

The whole thrust behind The Come Diet is that gourmet, conscious sex is your nourishment and ultimate superfood.

In the Coming Together Salon, you’ll learn Tantric and Taoist secrets to enhance your lovemaking, including building stamina for men (hour-plus penetration, here you come) and how to have full-body orgasms. You’ll find out how to use your sexual connection and the act of lovemaking to transform your problems and catalyze your growth.


  • Learn the ins and outs of sexual reflexology. (Did you know the cock and the vagina have their own acupressure points?)
  • Receive a pocket guide to different sexual positions and their health benefits. Fuck-doctor Kim is in the house!
  • How to use different sex acts to tap into different emotional and healing qualities.
  • Techniques to have full-body orgasms
  • How to reach the deeper, vaginal orgasms in women.

If you missed the FREE webinar I held this week on how to come together, you can check out the replay here.

If you’re ready to go deeper, sign up for the salon here. Registration ends May 6th at midnight PST. The salon begins on Thursday.


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