Supercock Training ~ Day 2!

Dopamine builds cock. 

Physical activity that generates dopamine will help to grow cock. Dopamine is the precursor to testosterone. 

In our current day-in-age, men’s testosterone levels have consistently dropped 1% per year since 1980. I’ll do the math for you, that’s over 40%.

It’s reaching epidemic proportions and instead of addressing the issue, western medicine has lowered the standard of what’s considered healthy and normal.

The range of serum testosterone considered healthy for men is between 300-1000 nanograms per deciliter.

However, men today in their 20s-30s are coming in around 250 and some doctors are claiming that is also healthy. Is it really, when these levels are considered normal for men who are between 85-100?

To enter the Supercock Hall of Fame of sexual mastery, the low end won’t cut it. Exercise that stimulates more dopamine and testosterone will lead you to fuller, stronger, and even longer-lasting erections.

Weight training and HIIT training are the best generators of dopamine and testosterone, so get to the gym and you’ll not only be building your biceps but also your cock.

Doing what you love and what brings you pleasure will also generate dopamine. Having lots of great sex will actually help you to build your cock. 

In fact, there are ways that you can orgasm using ancient Taoist and Tantric techniques, which allow you to harvest more dopamine from your sexual encounters and thus build more testosterone. 

The average male just ejaculates out most of his dopamine and testosterone.

Let’s focus on building yours. 



– Take some time to journal and reflect on the prompts below. 

– Continue focusing on your breath multiple times a day as suggested in yesterday’s homeplay.

– Consider adding an exercise routine into your week that helps you to raise your testosterone! Challenge yourself to a six-week period of regular exercise and observe the difference in how you feel in life overall and in bed. I suggest challenging weights and/or HIIT training a minimum of three times a week. 

– Assess your current diet and exposure to harmful chemicals that put your hormones out of whack. Consider eating organic, locally-grown foods, getting a water filter, and switching out your body care products for ones that are made of natural over synthetic ingredients. These are all heavily laden with chemicals (i.e. pesticides, glyphosate, phthalates, plastics, synthetic fragrances, etc.) that wreak havoc on both men and women’s hormones! They are highly estrogenic and displace testosterone. 

For dietary recommendations check out my Natural Penis Enlargement: Part 2 video and for more on the facts about the testosterone-destroying properties of some of the most commonly used items in our day-to-day, check out my podcast Alpha Males vs. Beta Males

– Check out my Hard Roots herbal tincture for men. It’s a highly potent tincture with the premier herbs for testosterone and libido boosting that will also support your stamina in bed and energy overall.


For discussion or journalling:

– What does your physical energy feel like throughout the day? How confident do you feel in life overall? 

– Do you have any exercises or practices in place that challenge you physically?

– Have you considered what kind of a toxic load you might be holding in your body as a result of food or the products you use on your body and in your home? If you haven’t, it’s a great time to educate yourself and switch to natural, non-toxic alternatives.

– What is your diet like? Do you eat whole foods or are you subsisting on more convenient, faster options? What switches can you make to eat more whole and non-toxic?