Supercock Training ~ Day 5!

We’ve seen a total vilification of the alpha male, at the same time as a celebration and normalization of the BETA male. 

Effeminate, weak, skinny-fat, soft-spoken, gutless, pushover men are being heralded, and men who are strong, muscular, powerful, dominant and stand their ground are being put down.


And equally as important, do women actually want to f**k BETA males? What do women really want? 

They want confident, powerful, strong, wild, dominant men. 

In short, they want you to be men. 

The most sparks fly between a couple who lives in a more exaggerated polarity, where he exemplifies the masculine and she the feminine. 

Gender neutrality is a libido killer. 

If we look at the archetypal qualities of feminine and masculine, the masculine is about leading, being assertive, getting out there and achieving in the world. Feminine energy is about receiving, opening, surrendering.

I want you to take charge. Your woman wants you to take charge. Her vagina wants you to take charge. 

Make plans in your life—everything from booking dinner reservations to setting up childcare and planning a weekend away. Be direct, authoritative and decisive. 

Yes, your woman wants to feel that in you.

What you’re constantly doing is communicating to her, “I’ve got this. I’ve got you.” You’re a man with a plan.

The proof is in the pudding. 50 Shades of Grey notoriously sold over 200 million copies. 

The fact that so many millions of women and so many vaginas were getting wet left, right, and center over this book tells us what women really want: a strong, powerful, confident, masculine energy that they can enjoy surrendering to. 

That is indeed worthy of their surrender. 

In my 30 years of expertise, this is true across the board: Women want a man who is strong, powerful, demonstrative, confident.

I’m giving you permission to explore this in yourself. You and your woman will be glad you did.

In today’s homeplay we’ve got a fantastic all-star interview with an well-f**ked man alumni to show you how it’s done as well as tips to start building confidence and taking charge in the bedroom.

In preparation for tomorrow’s homeplay I want you to sit with one question. How well do you know your way around a pussy?



– Take some time to journal and reflect on the prompts below. 

– Listen to my How to F**k Your Woman Into Oblivion podcast with all-star Jim for inspiration as well as my 5 Ways to Open Your Woman Sexually for more tips on how to sexually take charge moving forward.

– Plan or take charge of at least 3 events or tasks for your partner over the next week.

For example, this can include a night out together, planning a weekend away, making dinner, taking the kids out so your partner can have alone time to herself, buying her something she’d be sexy in, etc. The sky is the limit, but the point is that you are taking charge of something in your shared life together and allowing her to surrender to it.


For discussion or journalling:

– What is your current dynamic in your relationship like? Is your partner habitually overdoing and feeling exhausted? Does she lash out or nag on a regular basis? Is there more in your life together that you could take charge in?

– How did your partner respond to the three things you took charge on? Did you notice a shift in her energy? Was she surprised? Did it soften her to have something done for her instead of continuing to overdo? What are some things you can commit to taking charge with in your life together and in your personal life?

– How cockfident do you feel? Are you comfortable approaching your woman and initiating sex? How does she respond to your advances? Does she wish you would initiate more, or has she habitually shut you down? Either way, the tips in 5 Ways to Open Your Woman Sexually video will give you clues as to what she needs you to do!