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Breakup and Breakthrough

I use my break-ups very productively. 

I’ve never really been a “fast rebound” kind of person. 

I take stock. 

I want to know what happened, and really understand it, so that I don’t repeat the same mistakes again. 

I can look back in any relationship and see the places where I goofed up. 

I wasn’t honest enough. 

I didn’t lay a strong enough boundary. 

OR maybe I needed to walk away earlier. 

I ask the questions of myself, and I try and identify what motivated my actions, or lack thereof. 

I time out myself. 

I don’t set any time goals of how long I’ll be. 

I know that I will know. 

And I always do. 

I tend to stay prettttyyy celibate during these times.

My philosophy is that I won’t go out of my way to “look for love” but I also don’t go out of my way to avoid it. 

If someone interesting comes along, I’ll check them out. Or I may indulge a moment or two of enjoying the interplay of polarity with a man. 

But unless it’s a total yes, I let if fade away. 

And I stay focused on me. 

For me, there are several stages in navigating conscious breakups. 

And I will say, that if BOTH people can consciously breakup, it’s an utterly beautiful and enlightening experiences. 

But it’s a rare one. 

So usually you are left to “consciously break up” on your own. 

Here’s my guide to breaking up and breaking through, using this time to uplevel not just your love life, but every part of your life. 

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