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My Infinite Vagina


Venetian Mirror in Infinite Stairwell in Chateau Monfort, Milan, Italy.

In Sanskrit, the word Anami means “the endless plane of God.”

It signifies the idea that there is always another stage of enlightenment. You never fully “arrive” but are always a work in progress, no matter who you are and where you are at.

There is always another level to go.

You push on, and you reach a new stage.

You initially feel awkward in your new surroundings—be they physical or energetic—and you flail around a bit.

Finally you get your bearings.

You feel triumphant.

You can rest here for a bit.

Until the lull starts to feel like stagnation. And then you have to thrust forward again.

In relationships, it’s the same thing.

People meet, fall in love and then they buy into that myth about a two-year mark where everything falls to shit and then hey you’re married for the rest of your life and it will be boring, because science.

Or something.

It’s not science. It’s complacency.

Your intimate relationship is one of your greatest power sources and places to grow.

You will be triggered.

I guarantee it.

Some of your biggest wounds will come to the surface.

To be illuminated. And healed.

With the power of your sexual love.

This is the most profound—and underused—functions of relationship.

Sex is great. Being buddies and emotionally connected is great.

But unless you have the two together, the gourmet-sex, rocket-fuel of full surrender, you don’t have the power you need to do this deep, soul-healing work.

You need to be all in.

And if you aren’t balls-deep, cervix-deep and heart deep all at once, you won’t get there.

Nothing short of everything will take you to heaven/the next level of enlightenment.

As Rumi says, half-heartedness won’t take you into majesty.

Only the whole heart will take you home.

Or at least to the next level. 🙂


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