Orgasmatopia ~ Day 5!

Don’t get waylaid by the clitoris. It’s almost like a detour.

It’s not your final resting place, and a Well-F**ked Woman knows this. 

She goes deeper than that.

That’s where we’re going today—deeper.

Beyond the clitoral bulb, which covers just part of the vaginal canal, and is thought to house the legendary—and far more profound—G-Spot, or the Glee Spot, as I like to call it, is a treasure trove of sensation, depth and rebirthing potential.

The reason all of these deeper orgasms aren’t easy to measure in a lab (though they have been) is because the mitigating factor is:


Letting go of control.

Diving into the abyss of I-have-no-idea-what-is-happening-to-me and what feels like one of the most emotionally intense experiences of your life, takes trust.

You have to trust yourself.

You have to trust your partner, that he/she can handle whatever emotions or fluids come out of you.

Five things to know about your G-Spot orgasm:

1) Everyone can have one.
2) This is the area where you can squirt from.
3) These orgasms are all about trust and emotional openness.
4) You can have many in a row. 10? 15? Totally doable.
5) They are full-body, ecstatic experiences.

You might even have one tonight.

Seriously. Many women go home the same night and have their first, simply because I told them they could. All they needed to know was that it was possible.

If you’d like a little more how-to, I’ve got you covered in today’s homeplay.


– Listen to my How to Have Vaginal Orgasms podcast episode. If you think you’re just “one of those women who can’t”, this is the episode for you. I speak with an all-star who went from never having an orgasm in her life (even clitoral!) to having a record of over 30 G-Spot orgasms in one self-pleasuring session!

– Watch my G-Spot: Tips and Tricks to Stimulate Her video for specific guidance on G-Spot orgasms! The techniques apply to singles and couples.

– This is a great opportunity to reflect on your self-pleasuring from the past few days and perhaps revisit the Self-Pleasuring 101 video from Day 2. Check in on whether you are breathing deeply.


For discussion or journaling:

– How are you feeling at this stage in the week? Have you previously felt like “one of those women who can’t”? Even if you haven’t experienced vaginal orgasms yet, are you starting to understand what’s been holding you back?

– How is your self-pleasuring going? How has it felt to breathe deeper and more consciously? Have you noticed an improvement in sensation or pleasure as a result? 

– How much time are you taking to self-pleasure or on your sex dates? As you’ve learned from the G-Spot video, it takes time to open up! Are you giving yourself enough?

– After learning more about surrender from yesterday’s homeplay and applying it sexually, how much are you able to let go during sex?