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Roe vs. Wade. Do I Give a Shit?

Whenever I see women begging for the right to use and govern their own bodies—especially those who identify as “feminists”—I have to refrain from rolling my eyes.

If you really think the big power move that restores sovereignty to women is getting on your knees and asking for permission to use your own body, you have fallen for this psyop.

Yes, I see this as a psyop.

One that women fall for again and again.

The truth is, women don’t need permission and they don’t need anyone to act as some kind of gateway between them and their reproductive organs.

Whether we are speaking of conception, contraception, pregnancy, birth and beyond, women always have and will always retain this power.

So long as they know they have it.

However, most appear not to.

For any woman who knows her own body and how it works, the whims of a bunch of Sith Lords in cult Halloween costumes is irrelevant to her.

Who is in control of you and your fertility?

If the answer is anyone else other than you, let me school you.

I did an Instagram Live yesterday to explain why I truly don’t give a shit about what may or may not happen with Roe vs.Wade.

And why you don’t need to either.

I’ve uploaded the audio as a podcast, as many of you were asking about it, and aren’t on Instagram.

You can hear my no-holds-barred views on this, and what you can do instead to take ALL of your reproductive power back and place it squarely where it belongs, and from whence it came:

Your vagina.

In this Live, I cover:

  • Natural birth control
  • The ludicrousness of having a 95-97.5% elective abortion rate, which tells us that most women have no idea how their reproductive systems work
  • The dark history of OB/GYNs and why I would never send a woman to one. Plus, what I suggest as alternative care.
  • The power of self-responsibility and self-governance in all things: especially your vagina
  • Some great crowd-sourced questions about healing reproductive aliments like fibroids, cysts, and my take on STDs
  • What I really think about virtue signallers and people telling me about my “privilege”, who spend all their time whining on the internet instead of taking action to deal with issues in a real-time way.

There’s a few more pauses than usual in the recording, as I’m reading through people’s comments and questions.

Listen to the episode now:

Or download and listen to the audio on the go:

If you are on Instagram, you can watch the replay in the feed here.

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3 thoughts on “Roe vs. Wade. Do I Give a Shit?

  1. Yeah! You tell them Kim! Welcome to the age of the POST Modern Woman where enough of the bullshit of the past 50 years has gone way past common sense in the Feminist Movement. Way off the rails. As one who was made infertile by defective IUD planted by “Planned” Parenthood, where was MY choice?
    So tiresome. Kick ass!

  2. Love it! In a nutshell, this I what I tell people if they want my opinion on this subject. Thank you for speaking up xxx