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A Solution for Both Fluke and Limbaugh

I am a champion for sexual freedom. My life’s work is devoted to it.

I am also an advocate for conscious health and people taking responsibility for the impact of their lifestyle choices on their bodies.

Like many Canadians, I find the Republican political race fascinating. Of course, I heard about the recent debacle with Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke.

I have a unique take on the situation. While I don’t support Limbaugh’s comments and I do support the idea of contraception being available for women, there is a much bigger issue at stake.

Women can easily take charge of their own fertility. Like every female in the animal kingdom, women show visible signs of estrus. One method that shows women how to read these signs is the Billings Method.

It was developed decades ago by the husband and wife team, Drs. John and Evelyn Billings in Australia. They discovered/created it because they were Catholic and looking for a method of contraception that didn’t go against their religious beliefs.

I am not Catholic, nor were my motives religious—I discovered it because I was looking for a method that would not go against the integrity of my body and my health.

In my late teens, I became a vegetarian and embarked on a lifelong education in an organic, whole foods lifestyle. I began researching alternative healing methods like herbs and homeopathy. I removed pharmaceuticals and synthetic chemical products from my life—from shampoos to body lotions to house cleaners.

My pursuit of natural living and getting more in touch with my body led me to discover natural birth control. I found a book in my local library by Drs. John and Evelyn Billings, called The Billings Method. In it, they describe how every woman can easily chart and make decisions about her own fertility.

I know some women who can feel the moment they ovulate, like a pinch in their ovaries. Most women experience a surge in libido during this time—that is, unless they are on the birth control pill.

The Billings Method involves observing vaginal secretions which vary throughout the month. They vary for a reason: at times they indicate fertility.

I have used the method successfully for nearly two decades. It is taught for free all over the world, especially in developing countries where women cannot afford pharmaceutical contraception (Sound familiar?).

When I was living in Bali, Indonesia, Robin Lim, an internationally-known midwife and health advocate (she was named CNN’s 2011 Hero of the Year) was instructing local women in how to use it. The process is quite simple and the method has a rate of success from 95-100%, depending on which studies you look at. The most common number I have seen is 98%.

The Pill is considered about the same.

For me, it has been immensely empowering to be able to chart my own fertility. To tune into the rhythms of my body and honor them.

Hormonal birth control/the birth control pill is deemed to be a Group 1 carcinogen by the WHO. This puts it in the same class as asbestos and radium.

Why is anyone fighting to put that in their bodies?

Young women who have not had children yet—like students—are at an increased risk for hormonally-induced cancer. A Mayo Clinic study has shown that women have a 50% increased risk of getting breast cancer if taking oral contraceptives four years or more before having children.

Swedish oncologist, Hakan Olsson found that before age 20, women increase their breast cancer risk by 1000%.

Breast tissue is particularly susceptible to multiplication before it stabilizes after childbirth.

In my coaching practice, I have seen The Pill wreak havoc on women’s moods and libido. My personal view on why so many women experience infertility issues is because they have been on The Pill for 10, 15 or 20 years before they decide to become pregnant. They are in hormonal disarray and likely so weighed down by the toxic burden that their bodies will not let them conceive in such a mutated environment.

Women: Take control of your own body.

Men: Support women to take control. You can do it with them. You can research the method and suggest it to current and new partners. Go to a Billings tutorial together.

Natural birth control is free, empowering and it will allow women to keep their body parts.

I’m all for that.

The book is written and the method is taught in a completely secular way: there is no religious overtone at all. It comes from a biological perspective.

If you are interested, check out some of the online resources available:


I’ve also written about it here:

What is the Sexiest, Easiest and Safest Form of Birth Control?

~ Kim


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4 thoughts on “A Solution for Both Fluke and Limbaugh

    1. That’s a great question. I know that women are sometimes give The Pill for other reasons.

      To me, that’s like treating cancer with radiation or getting a mammogram to detect breast cancer: both methods induce disease.

      I’m committed to a naturopathic lifestyle. I’m interested in getting to the root cause of ailments and understanding my contribution to them emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The treatments tend to be more curative and holistic.

      If you are interested in exploring naturopathic options, I’m sure a naturopath would have suggestions for you. It’s not something I know enough about to advise you on.