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How much space have you left in your life for love?

On the Orgasmic Enlightenment retreat last week, we spoke a lot about what many couples cite as the main reason they can’t connect: 

They are too busy. They’re lives are hectic. They don’t have the time. Work. Children.

Let me tell you something.

Our outer lives are a reflection of our inner beliefs.

And our inner availability.

Meaning, if you have a life which is so full to the point of being chaotic and stressful, it’s because you created it to be that way.

You likely created it to be that way as a means of protecting yourself.

The less available you are for intimacy, the less you can be hurt.

If you build up a life so full of work and social activities that there is no room for your lover, it’s true, you “don’t have time.”

And most everyone around you is going to agree with you.

Except me.

Here’s an example of how I see this show up all the time in my work.

Couple comes to me. They have had distance in the relationship for some time. The husband works away from home in another city for several weeks at a time throughout the year, amounting to about four months away.

It’s been like this for about ten years.

The couple talks about how they just start to get some momentum going in the relationship, and then he needs to leave again.

For one, you can keep that momentum going through phone/text/Skype/energy sex.

Use whatever you can that’s available to you.

More importantly though, the outer lifestyle is a manifestation of a wall that has been growing between the couple for a decade.

The physical distance is now a convenient and very justifiable excuse.

As we work together to dissolve some of the barriers and issues that have been shelved for many years, the couple grows closer again.

Magically, the husband begins to receive a number of local contract job offers.

He’s now away much less of the time.

The blocks in you show up as the blocks in your reality.

If you have distance, stress, chaos in your life, it’s because you created it.

Even unconsciously.

The beautiful thing about this is that knowing you created it, you can recreate it.

All the power lies in your hands, heart and genitals.

But you have to own it first.

You have to acknowledge that you erected these obstructions and now you want to take them down.

It might take some time.

Or there might be a cliff you need to jump off right now in front of you to solidify your commitment to a new life.

Let me make it very, very clear:

All of the outer blocks originated within you.

Somewhere, sometime, with your thoughts and beliefs.

So use your weapons of mass creation.

And build a new reality.

Oh, and one more thing.

The absolute, very best creative tool you have at your disposal is your intimate relationship.

This is your secret weapon.

I realize it’s a bit of a Catch 22:

You have to be already connected to use this power.

Even if you can get a small amount of headway, you’ll find that your relationship becomes your power source.

Your fuelling station.

You have to trust and believe.

Because when you harness this, you have all the creative power of the universe at your disposal.


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