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Gourmet Sex: The Fastest Path to Growth

Even though we can go a certain distance on our own paths of personal and spiritual growth, at a certain point, you are going to need a partner to take you to the next level. 

Your absolute deepest wounds will be triggered—especially if you are deeply in love.

I say “deeply in love” vs. a “safe” relationship where not too much of you is on the line.

If you choose a safe relationship, which is what most people default to, either because: 1) they are scared of going deeper and/or 2) they don’t know how to go deeper, you’ll never unleash the healing and transformative potential of your intimate connection.

Or your life.

When I meet couples, I can tell whether or not they have a vital sex/love connection in their lives.

In the same way that I can see the well-fucked or underf**ked woman, I can read it in couples when they are tapping into the potency and fire of their sexual connection.

Or not.

If they are harnessing their sexual energy, they are lively, radiant, glowing. They are in tune with each other, and the hum of their sexual connection is palpable and electric.

If they have minimized their sexuality, they are sapped of vitality and wilting like a dying plant. They may bicker a lot, or have neutralized any chemistry between them. They are antagonistic at worst and “good buddies” at best.

Even if people are having frequent sex, there is a difference between “gourmet” sex and “junk-food” sex.

One of the biggest things I’m most passionate about in my work is teaching people WHY their sexual energy is so important to their relationships and their lives.

And then HOW to use it.

The true magical power of intimate relationships—their purpose is—can only be accessed when you go deep. You show up with everything you’ve got.

There is no holding back and playing safe.

You risk it all.

In dying, you are reborn.

Then you take your relationship out of the realm of being “such good partners, buddies, parents” into the epic.

Where you become super-humans.

Nothing drains you more than a shitty relationship.

Nothing feeds you more than a thriving one.

And you can live there.

The urban myth that relationships are supposed to tank after two years is bullshit.

What happens after two years, that is reflected in the decline of pleasure hormones and neurotransmitters, is that people begin to put their attention elsewhere.

In the first couple of years, they prioritize the relationship and sex.

And then they put their attention on other things.

So the relationship languishes.

Cause: Lack of attention
Effect: Relationship suffers.

At this point, there’s also a call to go deeper.

Since they don’t have the tools, or recognize the opening portal, most people falter.

Instead of going forward, they go backwards.

Because whatever isn’t growing is dying.

This is a spiritual and natural law.

Each time you get the invitation to go deeper, you step forward—in any part of your life.

When your demons get triggered instead of running, you plant down and confront.

You face them.

Your relationship ought to hold you to the fire.

If not your closest ally to work through this stuff with, then who?

The essence of conscious, powerful, gourmet sex is to use your intimate connection to transform your lives.

Sexual energy is so powerful that not only can it create new life, it can change the one you have.

You can use this energy to blast through stuck places, old patterns, fears, insecurities and even weight issues and financial blocks.

Because if you are stuck sexually, I guarantee you are stuck in other areas of your life.

Whether it’s in your career, or with kids who are acting out more than they ought to be, or a general malaise—your life and environment will reflect back to you the state of your sexual energy.

Even if you don’t feel “stuck,” most people have no idea what is possible in the realm of sex. Imagine:

  • Energy orgasms. How would it feel to make love to your partner from across the room? Or across the continent?
  • Deeper, more intense orgasms attracting more cash and business success into your life?
  • Orgasms and sex that feel better than any drug and rival the highest spiritual experiences of your life?
  • Becoming the most self-realized version of you—sexual play is more effective than most therapy for clearing old blocks and catapulting you into the highest version of yourself.

As I often say, if sex isn’t changing your life (in a good way), then you are doing it wrong.

You can learn to do it right.

In my 25 years of personal growth work, nothing has had the impact on changing me as quickly and as powerfully as deep, wild, soul-obliterating sex.

The Coming Together: Lifelong Passionate Sex salon begins soon. This one will be focused on couples and how to create your ideal relationship from the ground up.

We’ll cover everything from healthy communication to heart-opening techniques to learning to let go to life-changing and multiple orgasms and everything in-between.


If you’d like a preview of the salon, sign up for the free 3-part video series here.

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  1. Woman, you are amazing … with so much depth, strength, love and beauty … 🙂
    I so much love your articles … and your salons 😉