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3 19

The Aphrodisiac of Truth

Grow or die? Grow or lie.

One of the foundations of my work in creating conscious intimacy is the idea of radical honesty.

Telling the truth everywhere you can.

This means that in dealing with your intimate partner, the modus operandi is:


Not white lies, or sins of omission, or outright lies.

So much of the modelling that we’ve seen for intimate relationships or even for interpersonal relationships in general, in our culture, is based on “white lies are fine” to not “hurt someone’s feelings” or the tacit, giant lie of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Let me be clear:

If this is the foundation of your relationship, you will never be having good sex.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • The lie of a lie
  • The cost and weight of truth unexpressed
  • All the orgasms that come out of telling the truth
  • The truth of your heart and genitals
  • The spiritual and relationship payoff for truth-telling

Listen to the episode now:

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