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The Importance of Makeup Sex

Rebirthing your relationship.

After you have an argument, or any kind of significant separation, with your partner, be if physical or emotional, one of the fastest ways to get back into the sweet spot of your love… is to get back into the sweet spot of your love.

Make up sex picks up the stray threads that still need knitting back together, after any kind of severing.

Talk it out as much as you can, and at a certain point, after the talking opens your hearts again, your genitals will light up.

And you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

I spoke about this last week in the Aphrodisiac of Truth podcast, how when you go deep together, and you clear out the cobwebs between you, your libidos are often re-ignited.

Libidos like truth.

Genitals like truth.

So when you have had your wires crossed, you plug back into each other to re-bind them.

You can work a lot of stuff out in bed, in the wordless dance and interplay of your bodies.

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