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Anami Mentorship and Teacher Training Program

Become a certified Anami Sex Genius!

The best sex education anywhere.

Applications now closed.

Interested in the Anami Sex Genius Mentorship program?

Here’s what you need to know:

1) We expanded our payment plan option. You know can choose from a single payment or split the entire cost over 12 months. We had lots of emails from amazing, qualified applicants asking for this, so here you go. Done.

2) You get me, on tap. You’ll have access to me each week to support, guide, and give you individual coaching to build your brand and integrate sex and relationships into your business model. I want you to be the best version of you, and the best ambassador for the Anami philosophy. I’ll personally help you to find the most perfect and unique expression of your own gifts and how to shine them out into the world.

3) Collective power. You not only get me, but you get a group of wildly switched on, conscious, driven peeps for the next four months to quantum leap your own growth and tap into the collective conscious and unconscious momentum of that. Plus, we wrap it all up with a mastermind, eco-luxury weekend in Tulum.

4) Income potential. While I can’t guarantee anything, I do know that sex and money go together. On a few levels:

a) Meaning that when your sexual kinks are worked out, your financial kinks tend to work out.

b) This is a new niche—holistic sexual wellness and it’s exploding. Look at how many jade eggs there are around now!

c)  Our top affiliates make five figures per launch. You could potentially make back your investment in one salon, depending on your current business model and audience. This, in addition to whatever your new Sex Genius specialtly offerings bring your way.

5) Timing. The deadline to apply is June 4th. We start July 8th. The program is four months, plus a graduation weekend in Mexico in October.

Have any other questions? Email them to: salons@kimanami.com.

Check out my new and crazy hilarious video on why to be an Anami Sex Genius:

Applications now closed.

Come and get it!


Video notes: 

0:03 It’s high time to bring real sex education to the world

1:36 I’ve got thousands of lubricating, orgasming vaginas and just as many ED-be-gone, multiorgasmic erections standing behind me

2:02 Learn how to fastrack natural and massively effective solutions for every sex and relationship ailment that could come up in your work

2:18 Sex is always the missing piece, from depression to weight gain to reproductive ailments

3:00 All of the sex myths out there I can lay to waste in one fell swoop

3:06 Do menopausal women need hormones and lube?

3:14 Don’t men need Viagra after a certain age?

3:18 Aren’t periods supposed to suck?

3:21 PMS is dark and full of terrors! Or is it?

3:26 Are there certain women out there who just can’t orgasm?

3:29 Don’t all couples stop having sex after a certain time?

3:32 Are we meant to be monogamous?

3:37 Men are here to spread the seed, and women tend it! Umm…

3:41 Isn’t sex painful after birth?

3:45 Are all women doomed to have painful childbirth?

3:57 This program is all about unleashing your creativity and sexual brilliance into the world

4:23 Bring me your brains, bring me your genitals and I will whip them into shape

4:26 Become a certified Anami Sex Genius

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