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Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast

It’s the new year, and time for all things new in Anami Land. From new vaginas, to my new podcast, it’s all happening.

Welcome to my new podcast!

In this inaugural episode, entitled: Origins and Orgasms: From Whence She Came, I’m talking about exactly how me and my work came to be. I tell stories I haven’t shared anywhere else, about pivotal relationships and orgasms and the evolution of my self and work to become the chandelier-vaginal-weight lifting maestro I am today.

Here’s the official show description:

“In this show, we explore all things intimate. I believe that our sexual energy is life-force, creative energy and we can use it to shape our worlds, strengthen our relationships, and self-actualize.

Whether you are healing from sexual issues, need to bring the fire back in your marriage or you want to learn how to ejaculate across the room and have energy orgasms with your partner when they are on the other side of the planet, whether you are single or coupled, this show is for you. 

I blend the most avant-garde information from neuroscience, ancient sexual practices like Tantra and Taoism to renegade wellness modalities to show you how to create gourmet sex in your lives.”

Stay tuned for weekly episodes, with special show segments including:

Well-F**ked All Stars: Awards for the most well-f**ked people of the hour. We’ll include a range of tales from the beds of people who can have 40 orgasms in a row, to people who have healed HSV naturally.

Innovators and Renegades Interviews: Movers and Shakers and Orgasm-Makers doing transformative work in the realm of intimacy. Rather than the rotating door of guests on the wellness podcast circuit, we’ll aim to feature the sexiest and most progressive of the bunch. Or if they are on said circuit, we’ll make them talk about sex.

Sexual Wellness Accoutrements. The best of the best products and accessories to quantum leap your sex life.

For today though, it’s all about me.

Or listen on Spotify.

Come one, come all!



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23 thoughts on “Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast

  1. Thank you for your work! I’m grateful for how well you articulate thoughts that have been floating around for so long- but also as a mother. Your work will help me navigate how to help my children as they grow and become more and more sexual themselves. I love how you talk about us taking responsibility and holding our own power and not covering it up. I’m here to teach and encourage the next generation but I also need to focus on myself… Would you like to come to our boutique guesthouse and do a workshop for kids becoming grown ups one day? I hope so!
    All the best- Joanna

  2. I have enjoyed your writing,videos and now podcast. I have not been able to this point take any of your salons but you have always impacted my wife and I. Both of intend to take your salons when were able just wanted to comment and thank you for the little we have been able to learn to this point.

  3. I have been following your work since 2015 and it has helped my marriage in so many ways. I started with the WFW salon, followed by the VKF salon and lastly the Coming Together salon. I love listening to podcasts and although I’ve done the work in the salons, the podcast is a refreshing way to keep the flame going. With gratitude, respect and love, Veronica

  4. Hi Kim,
    Really enjoyed you revealing much of what makes you tick, (breath!), and how you arrived at this point in your life.
    Just you sharing openly helps many to allow themselves the same intimacy, or at least knowing it’s ok to open up & allow some of the essence you speak of to flow.
    I’ve always had a deep connection to wild places & mother earth, and I love how you incorporate this in your work.
    happy trails, scott2

    1. Thank you! I love the podcasting format for allowing more deep sharing. 🙂

      Yes, thanks! So restorative to be immersed in the wild. xx

  5. I am so grateful for your podcast…I have followed you for about the last year but really am glad to hear this

  6. I absolutely love that I found you. You have helped me in so many ways and I look forward to becoming more of the sexual goddess I am meant to be! ??

  7. Hi Kim. I miss being in your trainings. You have so much energy. Wish I could capture a bit of your enthusiasm and love for life. Thank you for this podcast. Laura

  8. Love you
    And support you and just my intebtion is to be part of that cum diet and be all sex fuel energy and live life fully
    So much rejuvenating

  9. Infuse me Kim
    I am that
    I am
    OM the vibration’s with in our hearts
    You are my light
    Happy new year Kim oxxxo