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Sex and Creativity

There’s a direct connection between sex and creativity.

As I always say, sexual energy is life-force energy. It’s the energy that creates new life.

If you aren’t making babies with it, then you can tap into that energy and channel it into everything that you do.

If you’re having:

  • Creative blocks
  • Business stagnation
  • Revenue streams drying up
  • Writer’s block
  • No fresh ideas
  • Feelings of stuckness
  • Lethargy
  • Can’t focus
  • Unproductive

Look at your sex life.

Is your sex life dry, too? Are you feeling sexually stagnant? Has someone fucked you into another galaxy recently?

Probably not!

There’s always a connection.

Sexual energy is creative energy.

I often joke about how “I don’t do coffee, I do orgasms”.

It’s true though. I never touch coffee.

Unless I shove it up my ass.

I tap the real source—my vagina—for energy.

Learn all about it in this week’s podcast.

Listen and comment below or download and listen on the go:



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