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The Come Diet

You’ve heard of The South Beach Diet and The Atkins Diet and The Zone Diet. But have you heard of the best, most effective and revolutionary diet of them all? The Come Diet?

Based on thousands of years of research and testing, The Come Diet is just now making a resurgence into modern-day culture. Utilizing the principles of sex as medicine (and we all need more good medicine), I’ll show you how and why The Come Diet will infuse your life with more vitality, juice and happiness. Join me as I present a free lecture on the merits of The Come Diet. We’ll be covering such topics as:

  • Come as the ultimate superfood. Exchanging our vital elixirs is a Taoist and Tantric practice that rebalances our yin and yang essences. Ejaculate has long been considered a “power-drink.” Chuck the Red Bull and find yourself some homegrown love instead.
  • The biochemistry of come–a cocktail of neurochemical delights. The neurotransmitters and hormones we produce through sexual activity and orgasm are nourishing and get us high.
  • The Come Makeover: before and after (testimonials from followers of The Come Diet).
  • Come–the secret to lasting happiness in life and love. A relationship devoid of sex is hollow. On the contrary, a relationship with a thriving sexual union at its heart uses that connection as superfuel. It turbocharges our entire lives.

And much, much more. Learn how the act of coming and the substance of come both contribute to your well-being. Plus, I’ll be serving an extra-special dessert made with a super-high-powered ingredient with a real kick to it. Come one, come all!

The Come Diet
Location: Health on the Drive
Date and Time: Event is now concluded. 

Image: Nicola Ranaldi

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