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The worst thing you can do to a woman

Do what you say you’re going to do.

A man is only as good as his word. 

I wrote last week about “The worst thing you can do to a man” and there was a huge, visceral response to this piece.

From the ladies and the fellas.

Clearly, it hit a nerve.

This week, I want to delve into what really erodes a relationship for women, or the more feminine partner in a same-sex relationship. I’m going to use the monikers of “men” and “women” but they can be interchanged for “masculine” and “feminine” in any relationship.

Do what you say you’re going to do.

A man is only as good as his word.

The things that turn me on in a partner aren’t his looks or his physique.

They are his integrity. His courage. His boldness. His desire to grow and better himself. His willingness to take a stand for truth.

These are the things that get me wet.

I often refer to an Instagram “truism” I found a while back:

“The most attractive thing a man can do is exactly what he says he’s going to do.”

The thousands and thousands of likes were vaginas in unison, getting wet and saying: “Amen.”

When you follow through on all your promises and commitments, your partner feels that she can trust you. She will open and surrender and give herself to you.

If she falls, if she opens her heart and her vagina, you will catch her.

That’s what she needs to know.

If she lets down her guard, you’ll be there to hold the space.

The more you prove your trustworthiness by your consistent follow through, she lubricates more easily. She orgasms more easily.

Because you are worthy of being inside of her.

I spoke last week about how the most insulting, frustrating and harmony-killing thing for a man is to feel that his woman doesn’t trust him. That she is constantly questioning his direction.

If you don’t follow through on your word, she’ll gradually withdraw her trust.

This applies to little words and big words.

If you said you were going to take out the garbage, or pick up something on your way home, do it.

If you said you were going to plan your holiday together, do it.

If you said you were going to work on building stamina so you wouldn’t ejaculate in five minutes, do it.

When you don’t, you’ll feel her wrath.

She’ll undermine you in every way possible.

Little jabs and comments here and there. She won’t even be conscious of doing it. They’ll erupt out of her.

Every single time you are honest about your intentions, and you back it up with your actions, you build another layer of trust.

Her heart and vagina open another layer.

If you want to bring out the best in your feminine partner, if you want her to truly surrender and open herself to you, honour your word.

In doing so, you’ll be honouring her.

You’ll constantly reinforce that you are worthy of the deep, powerful surrender and trust she can give you, and that will fuel your life.

If you aren’t following through on your words, why not?

Are you afraid to really speak and live your truth?

Are you afraid to grow into a more powerful version of yourself?

Are you afraid to take your relationship to the next level of having a wildly fuckable, gushing and ejaculating woman on your hands and cock?

Because that’s what you’ll get.

~K xx




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One thought on “The worst thing you can do to a woman

  1. Awesome article!
    Somehow I knew this intuitively but reading your words give it substance, gives it juice and passion! Makes the real life implications of it tangible and spoken
    I Love your work and Love how you don’t hold back!!