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Are You All In??

Commit, commit!

150% is where the magic is.

Holding back will get you nowhere.


I hadn’t been seriously surfing in a few months. By “serious”, I mean what are called “waves of consequence”. I’d been away from the surf and now I was out with my surf coach and getting my bearings back.

I paddled for a couple of waves, and pulled back on both of them. They looked like they were going to pitch and send me flying.

My coach looked at me and said, “Kim, you could have made those waves.” He paused. “You have to commit.”

Oh, yeah!

I had forgotten about the power in really going for it.

The next wave was bigger and I was even later on the take off.

But I’d made a decision to go, no matter what.

So I went.

It was steep, fast and out of control. I nearly buckled with the speed, and thrust my hand out into the wave face to steady myself.

I made it.

And that was the turning point.

I started going for everything. I was “charging” as they say in surf lingo.

Not stopping to think or analyze, but just going.

Since that day last week, my surfing has reached a whole new level.

I went out a couple days after my “commitment” day and I caught 35 waves in a row.

In a fabulous surf session, you might expect to catch 5-10 good waves.

I caught 35 screamers. I’d never had a session like that before.

From the moment I paddled out, a wave was coming at me so I turned around and caught it.

I rode it in, and paddled back out.

The moment I got to my take-off spot, another wave was coming toward me, so I turned around and caught that one too.

This went on 33 times.


The universe likes commitment.

It likes you showing up.

In fact, the universe rewards it.

When you show up, when you dare, the impossible becomes possible.

It’s the great secret of the universe; in fact it’s the secret of The Secret.

I act, therefore I am.

I believe. Period.

I extinguish all my back burners, and I’m all in.

Look at all the areas of your life:

Your relationship.

Your work/vocation.

Your orgasm.

Your children.

Have you really committed?

Do you fling yourself “against whatever you find to be beautiful and trembling with life?”

Or are you pulling back?

“All in” is the only place where you can create magic.

I could have gone out and had a two-hour surf where I pulled back on all kinds of waves, and told myself that the surf wasn’t so good that day, or I was tired, or there were too many people out, or that my shoulder was hurting.

All of those things were true.

But instead, I surfed circles around them all.

I committed to the win.

The universe rewards showing up.


Say yes.

Marry him.

Love her more.

Commit to what’s in front of you whole-heartedly.

99% isn’t commitment.

150% is.

In the territory of 150%, there is no room for failure.

Only total, crazy, unthinkable, wild and life-changing magic and success.


**Image: Me, deep in the wilds of Sumatra, Indonesia. That wasn’t the wave in question, nor one of the 35, but it was still a fun one, in a pretty, pretty place.

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