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Love Only

Surfing is one of my lifelong loves.   

The metaphor of waiting for the right wave, catching it and letting the flow carry you, is stuff to live by.

And many people do.

I moved to surf mecca Byron Bay, Australia, a number of years ago so that I could perfect my surfing.

Surfing is famous for having what’s called a “Locals Only” mentality. Meaning, good waves can be scarce, and so local surfers are at the top of the pecking order.

Non-locals, beware.

There is a well-known surf break called The Pass in Byron Bay.

My surf buddy, Prunella, and I used to frequent it.

Facing the break was an ominous warning. That’s Prunella in the photo below, posed sexily against it.

Locals Only

One night, at about 2am, Prue and I climbed up the famous rock at The Pass, armed with brown and pink and white spraypaint and made some changes.


Years ago, a friend of mine delivered what could have been a harsh truth to me about an aspect of my behaviour. He did not mince words. He was direct and clear.

What he did do, was couch everything he said in love. He had so much compassion in his voice and his heart, that what he said truly cracked me open.

That moment was the catalyst for massive change in my life.

What he said penetrated me so deeply, that I was able to let go of that old behaviour (which was really a defence) and open myself up.

If he had said what he said with judgment and been insulting about it, I likely would have closed him down and dismissed him.

Because he used love as the energy behind it, I could hear every word and let it in.

This week, I’ve been playing with the idea of opening to love, moment-to-moment.

When I feel myself about to react, to fall into an old, crusty behaviour, I catch myself. I choose, in that instant, to shift just a tiny bit, into love. Into openness.

To soften.

And it makes all the difference.

Not only does the situation allow me to bond deeper with whomever I’m interacting with, but I feel better.

I love myself more.

We’re often unaware of how we’re blocking love in our lives. It can be the product of years of unconscious barriers we build to protect ourselves.

All it takes is one moment of softening, of opening, to change your life.

The next time you feel yourself bracing for a confrontation, go inside and see if you can open a level further. Just a notch.

And watch the love come pouring in.


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