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Secrets to My Success

I have a number of principles I live by.

These are woven through my spiritual beliefs and my daily actions.

I’m sharing them with you here.

I’m going to hold my first Instagram Live next week, and there I’ll go into more detail on all of these.

And, I’m excited to field your questions on any of it!

This is a new thing: every two weeks we’ll take a video or blog post of mine and expand on it in an Instagram or Facebook Live.

The inaugural one will be:

Tuesday June 26th at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST.

To join, login to your Instagram account, go to my page, click on my profile picture and I’ll be there! In living color from Bali, sharing my personal stories and experiences in all of these areas.

Here are my top 10 daily habits/philosophies:

1 Not giving a fuck. 

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I give lots of fucks.

In fact, I’m the fairy fuck-giver.

I give people the best fucks of their lives.

I probably give people more and better fucks than anyone on the planet.

But do I give a fuck about what people think of me?


Am I the most outrageous, provocative, wildest person in the room?


It takes a lot to out-wild me.

And I don’t drink or take any drugs.


I’ve earned my “don’t give a fuck” through decades of personal work.

Not giving a shit what anyone thinks is the only way to be original. 

Otherwise, you’re always looking to other people to see what they’ve done and therefore have what you do sanctioned.

It doesn’t work that way when you are an innovator and a trailblazer.

You do what turns you on and if other people like it, great.

If not, guess what?

I don’t give a fuck.

I live and speak my truth. Period.

2) I put an enormous focus on self-care in my life. 

I eat well.

I exercise.

I meditate.

These are all non-negotiable.

And they all happen before 10am.

3) I turn on.

One of the main mantras in my work is that sexual energy is creative energy.

Revving up your sexual energy kickstarts your life and creative energy.

Whether I’m having sex with myself or partner, I am doing something to stimulate and harvest my sexual energy each day.

I use the word “harvest” very deliberately.

This is one of the main things I teach in all of my salons.

4) I set impossible deadlines.

Having a clear and tight space to work in removes any wiggle room and procrastination.

I’m fully committed and unswerving.

5) Doing something new. 

No matter what I’ve achieved, I always need to keep challenging myself. What is the next level?

I’m always thinking of how I can step things up, make them more beautiful, interesting, witty, playful and bold.

This chases away stagnation and ensures innovation.

6) Being in nature. 

Nature detoxifies and recalibrates like nothing else.

Cities were never meant to be lived in.

They were initially set up as places of commerce.

People came to cities to do business, go to the market and then leave and go home to the country.

Living in cities separates us from all the things that return us to our true selves: being on the earth and in nature.

7) Total time off. 

I make a point of getting off-the-grid and unplugging with no phone or internet whenever I can.

Even a day of shutting down the phone can work wonders.

Beyond that, I spend time on surf boats where there isn’t any phone or internet even if I wanted it.

Now the rest of this, I could get much better at—i.e. taking time off.

I’d say an ideal is 6-8 weeks a year.

I’m doing it this year though: African safari, here I come!

8) Pleasure + flow. 

I need places where I can shut my mind off entirely.

For me, right now, this is surfing.

I get out of my head and into my body. (Sex is also good for this, but we’ve already covered that).

I surf every single day, for 1.5 – 3 hours.

I find a beautiful rhythm and harmony with the ocean and. it’s. everything.

No thinking. Just being, moving. Flowing in a Zone.

9) Consistent production. 

This enables you to develop a relationship with and fall in love with your work. You and your muse are intimate and have trust and rapport.

She knows your there and you’ve got her back.

So fuck her daily.

I fall in love and make love with my creative projects.

10) Being of service. 

Leave a place—or person—better than you found them.

This is one of my mantras.

I aim to bring upliftment to every encounter. I believe this is about finding outlets to give your gifts that are part of your work, but also distributing random acts of kindness.

I love giving people gifts for no reason—only because I think they would love it or could use it.


I’m sure there’s more I haven’t thought of, but these were the main ones that came to mind.

Come and hang out on Instagram with me next week and we’ll chat about all of it! 

~K xxx

Image: Me. Surfing. Indonesia!

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