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Your Sexual Sanctuary

We’ve been a few glorious weeks here in Bali, soaking up sun and culture.

But I want to go deeper. And further.

In two days, we’re heading on an epic adventure—two flights and a five-hour speedboat ride will take us to a remote archipelago at the edge of Indonesia, called Raja Ampat.

This is a renowned diving area, meant to have the most untouched, beautiful waters on the planet.

Yet there is something even more special about it.

It’s a nature reserve. The eco-resort we are staying at first found the location during one of their many live-aboard boat dive adventures in the region. They decided to purchase the land and made a deal with the local government to designate a 450 square kilometer zone a protected area.

misool 6

No fishing.

Through the efforts of this handful of dedicated people, the “no take” zone has now expanded to an additional 1220 sq. km.

Species that were being harvested like sharks and giant manta rays, are now proliferating.

One of the main draws of going to a place like this, for me, apart from the sun, diving and beautiful water, is the fact that this place is a sanctuary.

It is entirely off-the-grid, so no internet or telephone.

In our very technologically focused world, to go somewhere and for an entire week, disconnect from computers and cell phones, is a rarity.

misool 4

In my experience, doing this allows me to rejuvenate at a miraculous rate. One week away is the equivalent to one month.

I also keep this in mind when choosing locations for my Orgasmic Enlightenment retreats. I seek out places which are remote and a complete immersion in a new reality.

This helps change to deepen and “stick” when there are no distractions.

Think of your sex life in the same way.

The eco-resort I mentioned has a boat patrol which goes out twice a day to ensure no poaching takes place in their waters. They do education with local people about the long-term benefits of preservation rather than the short-term ones of radical harvesting.

What if you “guarded” your intimate time like this? Your sex dates become a non-negotiable and “contractual” entity in your lives?

We all need sanctuary. We all need a safe space in which we can exist, unencumbered, and touch base with our deepest selves.

Creating a deep and powerful sexual space (like a 3-hour sex date) allows you to unwind, shed any false layers you’ve picked up over the week, decompress your prickly parts, and sink into a vulnerable expression of you.

You need this. Like food.

There’s a reason I’m making an epic journey out of civilization. I know how it feeds me.

One week off-the-grid surpasses one month of regular vacation.

A 3-hour sex date surpasses 10 quickies throughout the week.

Lock it in. Guard your time.

And watch it give back to you tenfold.


Images: Misool Eco-Resort.

Top image: the interior of our villa.
Middle image: some of the islands of Raja Ampat.
Last image: our villa in relation to the main resort (which is in the bay on the left).

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4 thoughts on “Your Sexual Sanctuary

  1. I imagined for a second how great it would be to on such a journey. That’s the only way to truly dissipate stress at a deep level. Kim, what you suggest is not only good for the soul but also your love life. I like to schedule weekend dates to get away and be WITH a woman for a mini vacation.

    1. “That’s the only way to truly dissipate stress at a deep level.”

      That, and many self-actualizing orgasms. 😉

      Yes, getting off the grid is so effective for soul calibration. So worth the journey to make it out of urban centres.

      Some of my deepest intimate connections have happened on these nature adventures with lovers. Like my six-day sex date.


  2. Kim, your posts are always fantastic, and they make me very optimistic about entering the sexual realm of reality very soon. She will be a very special girl, and I will be a very lucky guy. Thanks for all of these great and vulnerable ideas. I appreciate you sharing from such a deep place.