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What Did You Decide?

The past week has been full of uncertainty for me. 

As we lift anchor from Vancouver and set off on our play-it-by-ear road trip, there’s been a lot to figure out. Some of it I can’t, because I can’t predict where we’ll be at this or that point in time. That’s part of the beauty of it.

I noticed over the past couple of weeks, that my energy was feeling anxious and a bit stuck. I realized that there are a number of decisions that I’ve been putting off making, because I felt like I didn’t have enough information. Which is true.

Yet, we may never have enough information. At some point, we go with “the next right thing” and move forward with that.

The price to procrastinating on making decisions, is that the unfinished business of that lingers in the space around us. It carries weight. It obscures our connection to the flow of the universe.

I’ve certainly felt that.

It’s a pile-up of clutter that I need to feng shui out of my space.

Unfinished business creates inertia. Making decisions and executing them creates momentum.

Momentum places you in the flow of the universe.

The universe favours momentum.

Today will be about picking destinations, flights, a length of time (like how long shall we stay in Bali? Yeah—tough decision, I know!) and working around those decisions. Something has to anchor us.

Then the rest can flow within that.

Living with uncertainty is okay too. But when you know that something has to be figured out, concluded, acted on, the sooner you do it, the sooner you free yourself up energetically.

You may not even realize the weight your unfinished business carries.

Right now, I’m talking about decision making. That principle applies across the board, especially in relationships.

What do you need to decide on today?

What commitments do you need to fulfill?

What is hanging in the ethers around you, unresolved?

Put it to bed. 🙂

You’ll feel yourself get lighter again.


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