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To Swallow or Not to Swallow?

That is the question.


#1: Ejaculate.
Absolutely, positively, swallow. In fact, you ought to be swallowing ejaculate every chance you get.

Woman or man, ejaculate is thought to be the concentrated yin and yang essence of your partner. According to ancient Taoist and Tantric traditions, absorbing it either orally or genitally (men, you can also absorb female fluids via your penis), is meant to be profoundly nourishing and balancing.

In fact, it’s often referred to as a sacred blessing and the “nectar of the gods” in these older writings.

Do not swallow:

#1: Anger. Anger is a sign that a boundary violation has taken place. Anger gives you the energy you need to stand your ground and confront the affront that has take place.

While I don’t recommend venting anger on people, I do suggest that you listen to the signs your body and emotions give you. And express them. Tell the other party(ies) involved what felt wrong or without integrity to you. Then ask for what you would like to happen instead.

Many of us have been taught that anger is a base emotion and that “spiritual people don’t get angry.” Oh, we do. 🙂

How you handle the anger is the issue. Anger can be an emotional addiction and distraction—where you indulge anger without fulling resolving the issues that prompted the anger to begin with.

Go deep. Read the message that the anger is trying to give you.

Suppressed anger leads to depression. Which you can also combat with:


?#2: Ejaculate.

It makes you happy.

Semen is a proven antidepressant. One of my favorite, most vindicating studies on the planet demonstrates semen’s efficacy as a mood booster.

Dr. Gordon Gallup’s seminal work looked at women who had lots of sex with condoms vs. without condoms. Guess who scored higher in happiness?

In this case, the women were “swallowing” with their vaginas. Same dif.

I’ve always said that ejaculate gets me high. As usual, science eventually backs me up.

Semen is a powerful cocktail of mood-boosting chemicals, nutrients and neurotransmitters.

Women, if you are feeling low, commit to a 30-day-diet of ejaculate.

Do not swallow:

#2 Sadness.

As Robert Frost says, “The only way out is through.”

Loss merits grief. Your heart needs time to mend itself. You have to let all the wayward emotions of disappointment and longing spill through your heart.

Something I learned years ago about sadness, is to welcome it when it comes. The more deeply I can go into it when it appears, the faster I move through it.

Always, always, there is joy on the other side of it.

There is no substitute for doing the work.

There was a study done looking at the chemical composition of tears. The tears we shed while, say, cutting an onion, are entirely different than the tears we shed during deep grief.

The grief tears contain toxins.

When you let yourself cry deep tears of loss, you are cleansing and detoxifying your system. It’s important work.


#3 Ejaculate.

The genital fluids you emit are the deepest essence of who you are. By absorbing them into you, you take in the very core of your partner.

By doing so, you are reaffirming their value, their desirability.

Think about it: we’ve all had half-hearted oral sex experiences which were really just a precursor to intercourse—to create wetness or hardness.

Then, you have the lover who dives into your genitals like they are manna from heaven. They worship your genitals. This is affirming to every fiber in your being. You feel loved.

Do not swallow:

#3 Love.

The only mistakes I have ever, ever made in love are not fully showing someone how much I loved and adored them. By keeping the truth of my feelings inside, I interrupted the flow and gifts of what life was trying to give me.

F**k all the rules of who says what first.

Or your fears of how what you say might be received.

What’s more important, what’s life-changingly important, is that you speak your deepest truth.

For you.

Life gives you key portals to jump through, like handing you prime cards in a poker hand.

And waits to see what you do with them.

Do you forge ahead and make the big bet?

Or do you play it safe, because you’ve had bad luck in the past?

Listen to your truth and speak it.

This is the only way you can massively change your life.

And yeah—eat more ejaculate.


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2 thoughts on “To Swallow or Not to Swallow?

  1. If only women would actually listen to you… I think it’s refreshing to see someone with this kind of thinking, unfortunately, some women are already set in their ways. Some bastards are lucky enough to get to spend the rest of their lives with women like you.