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Or Eat Yourself

When we don’t unleash our talents on the world, they invert on us. We implode.

And consume ourselves. 

Our creative gifts function the way our sexual energy does; we have to keep them flowing and in motion. If we stifle them, or simply don’t acknowledge how much, how fiercely they are aching to be expressed, they strangle us.

In women, they suffer from FUKME. As creative people, as breadwinners, we will see lack of income, plateaued income; these are all symptoms of not stretching yourself to the next level.

Instead of gifting our passions to the world, in every possible way, we eat ourselves. We get bloated with lethargy, with the deadweight of unfulfilled potential.

Life is ruthless with me; if I am resting on my laurels, flows in many areas begin to dry up. I feel restless and stagnant.

When I throw myself out into new situations and challenges, I force myself to stand erect, to keep moving, and to not stop long enough to think; just to keep following the flow.

It’s akin to being in “The Zone,” except that The Zone becomes a way of life, not just a peak experience.

Those peak experiences can continually build upon each other. The price of admission is to keep stepping out into the unknown(s).

When I feel like I’ve mastered something, I poke around for new angles of mastery. When I feel I’ve reached a level of confidence, I seek other studies to master in my life. The wisdom I glean from that devotion spills out into every area of my existence.

Better deep-throating skills lead to a greater degree of surrender in my day-to-day life.

Taking new creative challenges sets my sexual energy a flutter.

Epiphanies reign supreme.

Because I’ve earned them.

Wisdom, like true beauty, is earned.

If you are really honest with yourself, where have you been resting? Or resting too long? Where do you need to up the ante in your life?

One of my life mantras is “If you aren’t scared sh#*less, you aren’t aiming high enough.”

Even moderately nervous/excited will do.

If you aren’t fluttering, the stakes aren’t high enough. You need to go more “all in.”


Speaking of FUKME, it’s that time again folks.

Time for us to to come together to eradicate one of the greatest illnesses of our times: FUKME, aka, the undersexed woman.

It has plagued our planet for millennia. We must put a stop to it.

Please, find a moment to watch this video.

For more information on how you can play a role to stop the spread of this awful disease, click here.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be mounting our campaign to make FUKME a thing of the past.

We all feel the pain of this disease.

Each one of us must do our part.

Join me, and together, we can ban FUKME forever.


P.S. The Well-F**ked Woman Salon will begin again in the next month. Get on the list to know exactly when!

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